Example sentences of "[pers pn] know [adv] " in BNC.

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1 Always rang if she was going to be late , always let them know exactly where she was .
2 Rosemarie had gone to see the film with her mum and dad — and let them know straight away that she was n't impressed with its factual accuracy .
3 It was important that she ring her parents to let them know not to expect her that day .
4 Policy is for politicians , but if a tax proposal is administratively unworkable , then we should let them know sooner rather than later .
5 ‘ We felt it was important to let them know beforehand that the public would welcome another airline , ’ as Branson put it .
6 You must also let them know when the work is complete .
7 By right and custom , he himself and James here should be going back to the house for the reading of the will , but this very new Sir Joseph had made it evident yesterday that he wanted no reading done in the house and that he would let them know when he wanted the matter dealt with .
8 Let someone know where you are going and what time you expect to be back and do n't forget to let them know when you are back .
9 ( v ) We must let them know when we shall visit La Gracieuse this summer .
10 But if the feeling persists then see your doctor or health visitor and let them know just what you 're feeling and for how long you 've felt it .
11 But if the feeling persists then see your doctor or health visitor and let them know just what you 're feeling and for how long you 've felt it .
12 There was a car waiting , but because of the fog they abandoned the idea of driving down and went to the railway station , caught a train with minutes to spare , picked up the car that was waiting for them the other end , rang the studio from the car phone to let them know where they were , and ran into London Weekend Television .
13 I promised to get them tickets and to let them know where and when to meet me on Sunday .
14 ‘ And his fellow directors do n't mind him just going off by himself without letting them know where he is ?
15 ‘ I know ; I 'll let them know where I am , do n't — ’
16 She always let them know where she could be reached in an emergency .
17 I 'd hired a team of private investigators to keep an eye on you after your house was ransacked , and I was just ringing through to them to let them know where you were . ’
18 or whatever , just let them know roughly what you 're doing , cos , all they get is a tape , it gives them an idea of what sort of things were happening at that time , any words they ca n't pick up if she 's cooking , maybe that 's something she was making or whatever , erm , in the please write the first names and details , why you know them , of all the people speaking on this side of the tape , in order in which they speak on the tape in the first , first instance , right , you know , so now Carla , my husband , myself , Lee and , you do n't need to repeat them again after that
19 When he told them that the Government could have used more oil at the power stations this summer and so built up coal stocks for the winter against a possible strike , but had n't , they merely retorted , ‘ More fool you ’ and thanked him for letting them know how strong their position was .
20 We are writing to all existing claimants to let them know how the change will affect them .
21 ‘ But I would like to thank them and let them know how very grateful I am and how much it helps to know his grave is being cared for . ’
22 By drawing General Managers ' attention to the British Gas environment publications ; ensuring they have an adequate supply along with display holders [ similar to that outside the Public relations office ] and letting them know how and from whom to obtain additional information .
23 ‘ It would delight me to know exactly that , ’ he aimed back at her pointedly .
24 We certainly know each other very well — well enough for me to know when he 's feeling himself and when he is not .
25 ‘ They 'll be pestering me to know when they can see you again … ’
26 You dump it in there and then you suddenly expect me to know where it all is and I do n't .
27 Ronnie had written to me a few months before , saying that she had hesitated to get in touch but wanted me to know how concerned she was about John .
28 Oh yeah , well you know , just let me know anyway
29 ‘ As you voted for me , ’ he told that turbulent Labour MP , ‘ why do you not support my authority or at least let me know beforehand what you intend to do ? ’
30 Let me know instantly if there 's any change .
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