Example sentences of "[pers pn] know [adv] " in BNC.

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31 Can you please phone me to let me know when Corby should expect to see the title ?
32 I give you my word that I wo n't attempt to get away if you let me know when the police are called in . ’
33 Let me know when you find the car . ’
34 Let me know when you want to sell .
35 Let me know when you locate this bandit and I 'll cut the engines . ’
36 Perhaps you could test the water at your end , and let me know when you could come .
37 Let me know when it 's not bath-night and you can have a few minutes ’ chat with your aged Pops . ’
38 ‘ Tell Wally to keep his eyes open and let me know when they pass him , ’ Hitch instructed .
39 ‘ Let me know when you really hurt yourself , wo n't you ? ’
40 Let me know when you 've made your arrangements . ’
41 ‘ Well , let me know when you 're off , ’ Bernard told her , ‘ because we 're going to open in the States very shortly .
42 ‘ Let me know when you 're ready , ’ he said huskily .
43 At the door Gerald Seymour-Strachey said in his most patrician manner : ‘ I 'd be glad if you 'd let me know when Hilda Machin 's funeral is .
44 ‘ Let me know when you 've finished arguing about me , and I 'll come back . ’
45 ‘ Let me know when the prize is to be collected , ’ he said sarcastically .
46 I 've got shares in the company , but no one thinks to let me know when it 's sinking without trace ! ’
47 PLEASE let me know on if you have any tit-bits for either Medau News or the local Press .
48 Could you please let me know where you would like the cheque sent , and to whom we should make it out ?
49 When you send the erm the text through for your erm annual reports ca can you let me know where where it is on the network ?
50 Perhaps you would phone me at home ( ) during the week running up to this date to let me know where I need to meet you .
51 Thank you for letting me know where you stand , ’ Lucenzo said quietly .
52 If they 're no longer staying here , perhaps you 'll let me know where I can find them … ’
53 I 'll give you my home telephone number , and if you do n't find them until after I 've returned , and you 're not successful in persuading Suzie to go back to England , all I ask is that you let me know where I can contact her .
54 If you continue to have problems with it , let me know privately .
55 ‘ You can let me know tomorrow morning if he cuts your throat , ’ said Joe .
56 Let me know tomorrow morning , eh ? ’ he said .
57 I did , yes , erm , when erm , we thought our prisoner was finished the co-ordinators wrote to me and said would I be interested , would our group be interested in erm , writing to Yugoslavia 's still , because with the Civil War going on there 's lots of cases coming up , for example there was a whole hospital full of patients that were taken prisoner I do n't know if they were actually physically removed or whether they were held in the hospital without access to medical treatment for something like ten days , and erm , Saria did say she 'd help me last time and I wrote back and said yes , two of us could write once a month , well they 're taken that very liberally and , and , got two or three things from the already and erm , if anyone else is interested in writing an odd letter say once a month to Yugoslavia maybe they could erm , let me know later on . .
58 Let me know later how it works out . ’
59 Dearest friend — Let me know soon if you are quite well , and tell me just how you are feeling .
60 I would be grateful if you could let me know immediately whether of not you can help by providing an article .
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