Example sentences of "[noun pl] who [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 We met lots of loyal Hairflair fans plus some new readers who we 're sure will be tuning in every month from now on !
2 I came back to the flat with one of my regular clients who I had planned to meet .
3 I wonder if you would be good enough to inform any parties who you think might be interested in this news ?
4 You know , like , when you 've got a group of musos who you dig around you , spontaneous things happen ; it 's that whole sort of vibe .
5 Er if you couple that with the action of Eastern Arts who I understand have cut the subsidy er for this er theatre I think that 's correct , erm , as I understand on the grounds that a not enough they mean imaginative or progressive which to me means weird play to put on .
6 ‘ Now I know we have several denominations gathered here today , especially amongst our new visitors who I hope will be happy and safe inside our homes .
7 Headmaster John Wood said : ‘ I am grateful that Wedgwood were able to supply the project material for the three youngsters who I feel are very worthy of the award . ’
8 You might have ageing parents who you support and god knows how much other outgoings which are hidden and then you have to go down that road and say that you 're going to look at at financial status you 're going to have to say and exactly what are all of your outgoings in and now down going to get real unpleasant intrusion into people 's business .
9 They mentioned the names of a few judges who they did not think highly of .
10 So who 's going to be the next manager of Oxford United … the shortlist is being drawn up this weekend … the appointment will be made early next week … we ca n't tell you yet who it 's going to be but we can tell the Manor Ground directors who you want …
11 Of course they deny responsibility , blaming any trouble on weekend ravers who they say expect ‘ something for nothing ’ .
12 The re-contras claimed that 66 former contras had been killed during the year in continuing clashes with Sandinista army and police personnel who they wanted replaced by a police force which included ex-contras .
13 And so that 's why erm you know we we only use certain contacts who we know are very reliable
14 To Timothy his dear dad great mercy and peace to you from God the father and Christ Jesus our Lord I give thanks to the God of my forefathers who I worship with a clear conscience when I mention you in my prayers as I do constantly night and day .
15 Several experts who I consulted tell me that he 's being modest again .
16 I 'm not forcing them to be anything because we have other bands and artists who we can force and push to success .
17 MGM 's Louis B Mayer even told his artists who they could and could not date .
18 Who were the newer artists who you wanted to see through ?
19 In my early years , I set out to find a roster of acts who I would represent .
20 As Gatfield points out , ‘ I ca n't work on a host of acts who I am vaguely interested in , just in case one day they come up with something exciting .
21 Wise guy merely states who you are and who you represent and what advice you can give and that 's it , it 's no big deal .
23 But I 'm happy with the way I look , because it 's the look that most suits who I am inside .
24 All the bands who we slagged off when we were in England . ’
25 It is a shame that our up and coming indie bands who I may also add do play proper live music ( TEN TON WEIGHT-STYLE KERSPLAT ! )
26 I I I think erm a lot of teachers would now look back on those days with er a certain fondness now bearing in mind what 's what 's happened since and the the the succession of education secretaries we 've had since since then I mean had the only one in recent years who I would say has attempted a genuine dialogue with the teachers and tried to do something constructive is John McGregor .
27 The airmen who they belonged to , is believed to have been away when the things were taken .
28 ‘ Any ideas who it could be ? ’
29 Although in law a female fiancée can enter Britain quite freely ( without an entry certificate ) she had been held up , questioned again and again , and late in the evening she had been given a sexual examination by officials who she thought might be doctors .
30 In 1969 Josef Frolik of the Czechoslovakian intelligence service defected to the CIA with his wife and proceeded to give some startling information about numerous British Labour Party politicians and trade union officials who he claimed were working for the KGB .
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