Example sentences of "[noun pl] who [pers pn] " in BNC.

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31 Mr Shepherd 's comments are also directed at Charity workers who he feels would be better off sending help to Croatia which is currently not under siege .
32 And and the three individuals who I worked with particularly , they 'd all been more or less written off , and they all come through with distinctions .
33 Griffin kills one of his rejects who he suspects of sending him death threats but such is his oily smoothness that he not only conceals his guilt from lady cop Whoopi Goldberg , but also has the wherewithal to outmaneouvre a pretender to his throne .
34 Can the people not see that the Dublin government is waging a more destructive war against the UDR than the republican paramilitaries who they claim not to support .
35 In the part of town where I live I see strangers who I would call truly beautiful at least once a day .
36 They seek life 's meaning in possessions , and use inanimate objects to tell other Earthlets who they are .
37 You have limited er suppliers who you choose er having heard the figures that you 've given us today erm i it seems to me that there is very little control of that expenditure .
38 If I asked if I asked you to compile a list of advertisers of companies and businesses who you think will advertise in a medical practice booklet you may you may list out twenty five .
39 Erm they are left er a list of er a blank like this and say right you contracted to take the products now we want from , it 'll be this one say , now we want a list of advertisers who or prospec prospect businesses who you think you 're happy for us to approach for a start .
40 Is it , I mean do you know many people in the flats who you could actually rely on if you ever if you were
41 However , for one in five of the people in residential homes for a year or more , our respondents said that there were relatives who they felt might have visited more often .
42 May the House not forget , through the Secretary of State , the workmates of those relatives who I am sure today , as they go about their legal business and pursue their employment , must have their own personal thoughts against the background of Friday 's events .
43 We reckoned that the British Army was the most professional in the world and that it had been influential in training the South African and Israeli armies who we thought took second and third place .
44 10 Send pictures only to those editors who you are sure will want to print them .
45 Nevertheless we are generally satisfied that both committees , that 's the English and the Welsh committees , have done a thorough job and on behalf of my colleagues I would certainly like to pay tribute to those who served on those committees who I believe discharged their responsibilities with great professionalism in circumstances made unnecessarily difficult by ministerial dithering and delay .
46 Chairman of Mitsubishi UK , Sir Peter Parker , separates the guru fraternity into ‘ conference fodder ’ , who feed off more original thinkers ; ‘ thermometer ’ gurus like Peters who take the temperature of new realities which busy managers have not yet articulated for themselves , and a few ‘ genuinely prophetic ’ figures who he says have influenced him .
47 Because they all have if you like every location business location will have their own favourites who they 're going to recommend that we approach .
48 It is not a matter for a local authority , and Michael talks about employing the Money Project Officer to erm get in rent arrears and so on ; this is the job of the officers who we pay large sums of money to , it is not the job to have someone special to do it , and in any case that would be peanuts compared with his salary .
49 Given the philosophy set out in the previous section it is essential that the Senior Administrative Assistant have able and experienced Principal Officers who they can turn to and that such Principal Officers should not be overstretched by dealing with individual cases but are available to direct and manage operations .
50 The government also tried to secure the removal from Punjab of four senior civil servants and police officers who it believed were strong supporters of Sharif .
51 because er well I er I , as I and I 've got young neighbours who I very seldom see because they are out at work er therefore I am quiet and that 's how I like to be
52 They are next door neighbours who I think are very nice but I do n't think that Jackie and Nev have a lot in common with .
53 On Sept. 12 , 1989 , the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct , the Ethics Committee , voted to begin a preliminary inquiry into whether Barney Frank ( Dem. , Massachusetts ) had violated House rules in procuring the services of male prostitutes who he later hired as personal aides .
54 You 've just signed a new striker , I told him , and I 'll give you three guesses who it is .
55 Do not be afraid of trying it in patients who you think might have mild heart failure .
56 Over the past few years , Dr Anthony Hall , an expert in tropical medicine , has compiled a dossier of patients who he claims have entered Britain ‘ pretending to be tourists , students or refugees ’ but who are in reality coming for free medical care .
57 When he 'd first arrived he had lived in a succession of bedsitting rooms on the west side , for which he had been charged extortionate rents by landlords who he never met ; the third night after coming to The Bar for the first time he had slept with someone who knew of someone who had a spare room at a much more reasonable price , and Boy had moved in .
58 My family and I have been subjected to unprovoked stone-throwing and spitting by gangs of youths who I presume are from right wing groups .
59 This particularly applies in the case of professionals such as doctors and teachers who we ought to be able to trust .
60 ‘ There 's a few teachers who you can get on with and talk to .
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