Example sentences of "[verb] at [art] " in BNC.

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1 Shouting and laughing , the family disembarked at a broken-down council estate covered in rubbish .
2 Serious collectors ( and there are only a handful in the world ) are looking for pre-sinking letters , postcards or photographs disembarked at the Titanic 's last port of call , Queenstown ; signals or accounts of the sinking ; or , best of all , something that was actually in the ill-fated vessel .
3 The wherry pulled in and we disembarked at the great garden gate .
4 In rejecting traditional theory as a ‘ mathematical knowledge of nature which claims to be the eternal logos ’ he suggests that the self-knowledge of present-day man is ‘ a critical theory of society as it is , a theory dominated at every turn by a concern for reasonable conditions of life ’ ( Horkheimer 1972 : 199 ) .
5 Reversing its gains of Thursday , the FT-SE slipped back 28.9 to 2697.5 as profit taking dominated at the end of the account .
6 Curative , hospital-based medicine dominated at the expense of prevention , health promotion and community services , and high priority was given to the treatment of short-term episodes of acute illness to the detriment of the care and rehabilitation of the chronically ill .
7 I see , I mean it 's good to see really that er test match has been dom well almost dominated at the moment , by , by a slow bowler , it 's an ideal situation for in England , batsmen done their job , England are in command , got lots of runs to play with , but it 's definitely the left arm spinner who 's causing the , the greatest problem out there , he 's , he 's landing it in the right place , he likes variation in that over , confident enough looks very tempted , always very difficult to come in at first twenty minutes as a batsman , when you 've come in on a turning wicket , a very , very , difficult .
8 I feel I have done my best to communicate at every stage .
9 Learn to communicate at the ‘ niggle ’ stage , before anger builds up .
10 First , it is appropriate for those working with a child to try to communicate at the right level ; this means introducing language structures with which the child is already familiar and trying to ensure that the content of conversations is appropriate to the child 's ability to understand and to her interests .
11 It is like eavesdropping at a match , though such ‘ alternative ’ humour is very rare .
12 In any plausible way of forming Jupiter the hydrogen and helium are initially well mixed at a molecular level .
13 The tape has been mixed at a Gloucester recording studio , using Steve 's voice .
14 DNA and protein were mixed at an approximate ratio of 2:1 .
15 Discarded and shredded by the Bank of England and banknote manufacturer Thomas De La Rue , the paper money has been mixed at the Botanic Centre with sludge from a KP crisp factory on Teesside to form a peat-free compost .
16 Alternatively , it could be simply a collection of modules which it is temporarily convenient to modify at the same time .
17 It makes your heart beat at an invigorating pace .
18 It beat at the stonework and screamed about projections .
19 He carried Wynne-Jones on his back ; the old man beat at the thorns with his stick , one arm held tightly around his son 's neck .
20 Does Birmingham want a centre where people live and work , or a shopping complex that draws in people who live and sleep at the end of the bus routes ?
21 Cars sleep at the kerbsides .
22 As I say , fun , fun , fun I say , like I say sometimes you can do a pissing rain in a fucking hole and have about four hours sleep at the weekend , then we get , we get back get into the bar and we 'd have a fucking good laugh about it .
23 There are two chief types of tombs which date from the seventh to first century B.C. One type consists of a tumulus , or burial mound , of earth , circular in plan and surrounded at the base by a stone wall .
24 He scratches at the spots on his arm , pulling soiled nails hard across the red blemishes .
25 Earlier Kevin McNamara , Labour 's shadow Northern Ireland Secretary , described his own meeting on Ulster policy as ‘ overshadowed by a man coming to gloat at the scene of one the gravest blows to democracy carried out in these islands : the bombing of the Conservative Party conference ’ .
26 Judging from remarks between Mr Carnwath , Mr Steele ( QC for Dyfed County Council ) and Mr Burrell , the prevailing view is that the inspector will find against McAlpine , but that the company will seek a Judicial Review in the High Court , where the arguments will recommence at a rarefied legal level .
27 Johnny , as though realizing for the first time that he was still wearing his pyjama trousers , began to worry at the knot in the cord at his waist , the trembling of his hands causing him to fumble ineffectively .
28 But genes can act at a distance ; extended phenotypes can extend a long way .
29 The invisible powers of nature were analogous to the visible powers of the magnet , which could act at a distance and penetrate matter with its rays .
30 That is either voltage or ligands , in the cases respectively of voltage activated channels or ligand activated channels , both of those factors will act at the level of gating .
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