Example sentences of "[verb] at [art] " in BNC.

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31 If you are going to fly your glider efficiently while turning steeply in thermals with other gliders , you need to know how it will behave at the stall .
32 If we look back to the middle years of the nineteenth century and to the debates about the extension of the franchise to the working class then hopes were expressed as to how voters should behave at the same time as there was anxiety and fear as to how they would actually behave .
33 In a quantum theory of gravity , as we saw in the last chapter , in order to specify the state of the universe one would still have to say how the possible histories of the universe would behave at the boundary of space-time in the past .
34 Suppose that the increase in the money supply is announced in time to be included in that agents fully believe the central bank , and that the central bank behaves in period t in the way that it announced it would behave at the end of t - 1 .
35 On evening walks down Loreto , a lane of high stone walls , trying to decide on a restaurant , I would stop and run my hands over the ashlars , marvelling at the purity of each one as I have marvelled at the completeness of a sculpture by Brancusi ; each of them so tightly locked together that I found it impossible to fit a fingernail between them .
36 Whilst they fished I explored the shores , haunting the hides , marvelling at the variety of bird , plant and animal life .
37 But Hārkini just touched it gently all over , marvelling at the tiny , perfect form .
38 She still retained her English habit of noting each day 's weather , always expecting changes , marvelling at the hot sunny days which followed one after the other , almost with monotony .
39 JOHN Dunlop was left marvelling at the difference a day makes when Eurolink Thunder and Captain Horatius doubled up for him at Kempton yesterday .
40 Walking through her kitchen and cutting gardens at break-neck speed , marvelling at the weedless beds , and pyramids of purple clematis , the imposing topiary ( ‘ Russell [ Page ] used to tell me , ‘ Let them get fluffy and fabulous ’ ’ ) , Mrs Guest is in full flood : ‘ Oh , those chipmunks are wrecking my garden , ’ she declares , straightening a single toppled plant in an acreage of formidable order , and tugging nimbly at a lone weed .
41 Visitors marvelling at the perfection of work at the Woodworker Show .
42 Their behaviour was at times appalling ; when little they would spend long stretches of each class on the floor behind the benches , playing with bits of mercury , pricking it with needles and pen nibs , watching it slip into the coarse splintery cracks of the dusty floorboards , and forcing it out again , marvelling at the way it shrugged the dirt off its rounded shoulders .
43 He turned to look at her , marvelling at the perfection of her body and the animal passion he had found in her .
44 They marched past it , back and forth , marvelling at the way they were drawn towards it .
45 ‘ It 's amazing , ’ she said , as much to herself as anyone else , marvelling at the beauty surrounding her .
46 At 5.45 Lydia walked down the path to the car , marvelling at the power which people like Betty could wield merely by threatening to sulk .
47 She went closer to the walls , marvelling at the detail : the starfish flung up on the painted sand , the panting dog , the discarded bucket and spade , the bottle of sun oil .
48 John Coffin walked away , marvelling at the strangeness of life which made him now mourn a petty criminal whom he had not liked and whom no one had appeared to love , and who might , just possibly , have also poisoned three people .
49 Athelstan sat looking at her in wonderment , constantly marvelling at the difference in women , contrasting this hag to the beauty of Lady Isabella .
50 ‘ I 'm sure it is n't as bad as that , ’ said Greg , who was n't who was , in fact , marvelling at the effect of three weeks of Viola , and wondering whether there could n't be more to it than just that .
51 Gratefully Gina covered her nakedness , marvelling at the strange circumstances in which she found herself .
52 Sufficiently stoned but not unreasonably so , we stand before the bathroom mirror , marvelling at the crisp clean surfaces of ourselves and one another .
53 Passing the township , both brakes jammed on , I slither and judder down the newly regravelled surface , hoping for something to pass and pick me up , but also marvelling at the open splendour of the valley scenery which surprises me afresh every time I look .
54 Or there was the horse-racing , cricket or football in the parkland , a visit to the skating-rink , or simply marvelling at the mixture of bravura , vulgarity and confidence with which the Victorians had dropped this gigantic testament to British economic expansion into what were then the sleepy rural outskirts of the fast-expanding city .
55 Cornelius was stumbling along behind , marvelling at the Edinburgh Mercury .
56 The totals had been disclosed at a time when local authorities and others were being subjected to curbs for alleged lack of efficiency .
57 Despite the fact that the explanation or defence could , if true , have been disclosed at the outset and despite the advantage which the defendant has gained by these tactics , no comment may be made to the jury to that effect .
58 At the time of writing , it has been disclosed at the trial of the former military junta in Buenos Aires that on 5 January 1982 it ‘ set up a working group to analyse the possibility of taking the islands ’ .
59 Until that late date , the Cecils successfully opposed any move to enclose the fields , for reasons which were never fully disclosed at the time .
60 Held , allowing the appeals , that the Secretary of State was required to afford to a prisoner serving a mandatory life sentence the opportunity to submit in writing representations as to the period that prisoner should serve for the purposes of retribution and deterrence before the Secretary of State in the exercise of his power under section 61 of the Act of 1967 set the date of the first review of the prisoner 's sentence ; that , before giving the prisoner the opportunity to make representations , the Secretary of State was required to inform him of the period recommended by the judiciary as the period he should serve for the purposes of retribution and deterrence and of any other opinion expressed by the judiciary which had not been disclosed at the trial and would be relevant to the Secretary of State 's decision as to the appropriate period to be served for those purposes ; but that the Secretary of State was not obliged to adopt that judicial view or , if he departed from it , to give reasons for doing so , and that he was entitled to delegate his powers for that purpose to a junior minister within the Home Department ; and that , accordingly , the decisions made by the Secretary of State as to the length of the period each of the applicants should serve before the date of the first review of their sentences should be quashed and that each applicant should be given the opportunity to make written representations after he had been informed of the judicial opinion regarding the period he should serve before review ( post , pp. 963B–C , 969A–C , 973F–H , 974A–B , 977B–D , 979C–F , 980E–G , 981F–G , 983C–D , 984C–E , 985B–C , 986H — 987A , F–G , 988C–E , G–H , 989B–C , D–E , 991B–C , 992F–H , 993B–E , F–G ) .
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