Example sentences of "[be] for " in BNC.

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31 The heaviest betting this year has been for Shellac , a six-length winner from Sudden Victory at Ayr last time out , but the deciding factor is that Dettori originally chose to ride SPLENDID CAREER ( nap 3.35 ) , who may have been unlucky when beaten at Newbury by yesterday 's Goodwood winner Monastery .
32 Since then , however , standard procedure has been for patrols to study photographs , names and addresses of suspects before leaving security force bases .
33 Will the Italian Abbado remain musical director of the Vienna State Opera where he has been for the past three years ?
34 Egg theft would have been far worse had it not been for round-the-clock protection from the army at the end of the season .
35 If it had n't been for the Yeti , I 'd never have met Malcolm McLaren or Johnie Rotten .
36 If it had n't been for me they 'd never have nicked any guitars and there would have been no group .
37 It is worth restating how radical a leader Mrs Thatcher has been for the Conservative party .
38 She opened her eyes and was aware of being in her mother 's bed , where she had not been for over ten years .
39 If they 're offered , as they have been for years and years ever since the industrial revolution , things that have been cynically designed for the working classes , is it surprising that we have a nation of people who are supposed to have no visual standards ?
40 Forgotten was the fearful nail-biting exercise Monaghan Day had always been for the whole house ; with distance it had become large , heroic , blood-mystical , something from which the impossible could be snatched .
41 In fact they are no more adequate for primitive societies than they would have been for any others .
42 The sky was clearer than it had been for a week , and massive , but hardly elegant , Storskarfjell stood out like a white tent .
43 This in itself would hardly have been significant had it not been for a wider transformation of the adult male working class .
44 He was drinking like a fish , and had been for weeks .
45 If it had n't been for you , after my fall … . ’
46 She has n't been for a long time .
47 In 1959 Rank claimed that ‘ Britain would now have a healthy industry and a very successful market ’ if it had not been for the insensitivity of the Department of Trade .
48 Her students , she says , are well prepared for Europe , and have been for a long time .
49 It 's Sir Ralph Halpern 's view that if it had n't been for the current worldwide recession , many more outside brands would have been introduced to the UK market .
50 ‘ It 's not a question of bringing them to more people — Emporio has never been for the poor — but of morals ; with the Nineties there comes a new thinking about how much it 's right to spend on clothes and I certainly go along with that . ’
51 Had the recommendation been for industrial action and the crews voted against , I have no doubt Mr Clarke would have applauded the triumph of democracy .
52 In addition , the Rayner review of the service introduced not only cuts but a new philosophy that official figures , which previously had been for the service of the nation as a whole , were now to be tied far more closely to the requirements of the government of the day .
53 They should remember that it would all have ended seven matches earlier if it had not been for an 88th-minute equaliser against Bashley on September 16 .
54 Had it not been for human kindess he would have ended up in a pork pie .
55 Even his magnum opus , Perestroika , written in the summer of 1987 , contained the amazing notion in its first edition that ‘ if it had not been for collectivisation , we could have died from hunger in the war ’ .
56 A recent divorce petition cited the fact that just about every wall , fitment and piece of furniture in the home was in a half-dismantled or half-done state and had been for years .
57 It was in his experience difficult for most people to prove conclusively exactly where they had been for any forty-eight-hour period , members of the Metropolitan police force always excepted , and this was going to make his life very difficult .
58 Had it not been for the Cold War , these expectations might have been realized .
59 If it had not been for the extraordinary resilience of Hitler 's Wehrmacht and the fortitude of the German people , it would have done so .
60 The Socialist Government might have survived the crisis had it not been for the internal rift within the Labour Party that was brought about by the Cabinet 's decision to impose charges for medical prescriptions to curb excessive waste in the newly established National Health Service .
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