Example sentences of "[be] for " in BNC.

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61 Harold Watkinson had not survived as Secretary of State for Defence long enough to see his counter-reformation completed , but he did have the satisfaction of knowing that , had it not been for his efforts to swing the pendulum of British Defence policy back into the centre of the spectrum of war , Britain 's disengagement from empire would not have been so successful .
62 The Faroe Islands are self-governing , but have been for many years a colony of Denmark , and still rely on the government of the old mother country for international representation .
63 It 's still as pure as it has been for thousands of years . ’
64 Yet his criticism has not , by and large , been for the tabloid newspapers whose standards fell to new lows during the 1980s ; instead , he has reserved his bile for investigative journalists , particularly if they worked for television , and for those newspaper reporters who decided to boycott his lobby briefings .
65 Whether you think that dimension has been for the good of the game will probably depend on your nationality .
66 Perhaps if it had not been for the Shakoor Rana affair the TCCB might have handled this quietly and sensibly by issuing a non-committal statement and letting the fuss die down .
67 Morale on the shop floor was higher than it had been for a long year and an unhealthy atmosphere of optimism and hope pervaded the plant .
68 If it had n't been for Arthur Billstock , I would probably have taken the same road as Mark .
69 We agreed to have him for a fortnight but when the time came he refused to go , and would be with us yet if it had not been for the First World War and your father having to go …
70 There was a lesson at school I should have loved if it had not been for poor Lucy .
71 An older age group of superior tradesmen here and there — the public bar fraternity shunned the place , for this had been for many years the snob pub of Belgravia .
72 Death rates had also declined , though not as sharply , and had it not been for the inward migration of population in the 1930s the decline in population growth would have been more marked .
73 Broadly , we may say that industry will have to be far less rigid ; indeed much more flexible in adapting itself to change than it has been for the past twenty years .
74 As for people in Leeds being sick of the Manc hype , people in Manchester are sick of the Manc hype and have been for as long as people from Leeds have been tramping across the moors in their flares and Kickers to buy ‘ God created Manchester ’ tops and to dance at the Haçienda .
75 ‘ Present values are lower than they have been for some time , and are sticking .
76 Owned by Raymond Guest and trained in Ireland by Vincent O'Brien , Sir Ivor came to Laurel Park as probably the best European challenger there had yet been for the Washington International .
77 There ought to be a space or an empty page or maybe even a change of typography to show that I have been for the past three and a half hours out in the streets or sitting full of thought on that gilded and trembling bridge over these lazy waters .
78 To live in a beautiful country , and to enure myself as much as possible to the labour of the field , have been for this year past my dream of the day , my sigh at midnight .
79 It is unlikely that anti-Semitism was as powerful in its motivational force for recruits in the Party 's ‘ mass phase ’ after 1929–30 as it had been for the early activist core of the NSDAP .
80 Even so , the number of those who believed that Hitler would have been one of the greatest German statesmen of all time had it not been for the war remained relatively high , though this figure too had fallen sharply ( from 48 per cent in 1955 to 32 per cent by 1967 ) .
81 Some of the most effective recruitment campaigns I have worked with have been for limited commitment .
82 ‘ If it had n't been for Home Rule in the South , would Ulster have been ruled by Presbyterians in Belfast ? ’
83 According to H. C. Robbins Landon , it was the Tristan und Isolde shortly before that , a production of swarming darkness and rare musical sensibility , that had been for many people one of the greatest of all their musical experiences .
84 And there had also been for many years the musical evenings at your parents ' home .
85 I conducted the First Symphony during the war but the first two symphonies have always been for me a little to close to Tchaikovsky .
86 They were bare and shabby and if it had not been for the pretty yellow cloths she had made for the tables and the yellow and orange cushions she had covered for the chairs and the blue vase full of roses she had asked Maria to place on the chest of drawers , then they would have been dismal indeed .
87 If it had not been for the shamelessness of it , Wilson felt she might have been sorely tempted to exploit this extraordinary advantage .
88 ‘ Gentle , indeed ! ’ she said ‘ And if I were as gentle in the market as I have been for him at home , how does he think I would manage ? ’
89 If it had not been for a visitor arriving then and her being obliged to leave instantly she had no doubt they would have waded into deeper waters and she knew she would not have been sorry .
90 I might have travelled at almost eight thousand inches an hour if it had n't been for the stops .
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