Example sentences of "be [vb pp] to [be] " in BNC.

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31 The poems are intended to be read aloud as in the late middle ages , a period to which Darras is keenly attracted because national and linguistic boundaries had not yet hardened .
32 Sometimes they demonstrably were not ; for example , portraits of the Emperor Augustus struck at the end of his reign , when he was seventy-six , do not depict a man of that age and do not correspond with the unflattering description given by his biographer , Suetonius. portraits such as this are intended to be the embodiment of a political ideal rather than a realistic likeness ( though in some cases , such as that of Nero , they might be both ) .
33 It also includes the ‘ Noticeboard ’ sheets ( Figure 5.5 ) which are intended to be pinned to bureaux noticeboards in order to alert workers to items of topical interest and impending changes .
34 To this end , Tang reports that some 13.8 million ha of Malaysia 's forests have been designated as permanent forest estate ( PFE ) , of which 9.1 × 10 6 ha are productive forests that are intended to be managed on a sustained yield basis ( see section 8.2.1 for a definition ) .
35 The reason for this , however , is that almost all the references are found in what are intended to be exhaustive lists of ways of acquiring property : heretics , for instance , are debarred from acquiring under any title including legacy and trust ; curial property received in any way ( including legacy and trust ) is taxable .
36 Covering countryside such as the Chilterns and the South Downs , they are intended to be areas of special planning control with strong accent on the visual and environmental effects of any development .
37 None of the preceding remarks are intended to be seen as advocating either wet-nursing or surrogacy .
38 The Community makes laws which are intended to be binding upon and within member states .
39 Both brushes and foam can also take on a partial biofiltering role , but if they are intended to be a mechanical filter , they should be cleaned before they clog .
40 Abstracts are intended to be as concise as the nature of a particular topic being dealt with allows and not to be detailed rule-books dealing with every conceivable circumstance . ’
41 This cost should be off-set by the savings , estimated at £450m in the years to 1996 ( it should be remembered that the current single market arrangements are intended to be replaced by a tax system based purely on the country of origin , to be introduced in 1997 , subject to the unanimous agreement of EC member states ) .
42 Exceptions would be undertakings whose business is similar to the group 's , are intended to be retained as long-term investments , and in which 3i has both active general management involvement and more than 20% of the equity .
43 Practice Notes are intended to be persuasive , rather than prescriptive , and have a lower level of authority than Statements of Auditing Standards .
44 Oral examinations are intended to be a cross examination of the severest kind and your debtor will be required to bring his books , papers and documents into court with him .
45 Modern computer programs , especially those in AI , are written , and are intended to be thought of , as interconnecting sub-parts or modules , and not at all as seamless wholes .
46 Moreover , such tests are a detriment to good education since teachers spend an inordinate amount of class time preparing students for them , particularly if the results are intended to be used to hold teachers and schools accountable for their performance .
47 The resolutions , which have recently been published , call for a more just media environment in the Philippines in particular , but are intended to be used worldwide .
48 This may be linked to : ( a ) structures of the subject being taught ; ( b ) progression in the number of components of the subject pupils may be expected to have learned in the course of their instruction ; ( c ) the degree of difficulty of typical test items ; ( d ) sequences which correspond to the teaching approaches of the designers of a graded assessment scheme ; 4 all of the items in a test are at a similar or the same level of difficulty ; 5 tests are intended to be taken only when pupils are ready for them ; 6 performance on tests is described in terms of " pass ' and " fail " , rather than a mark or grade .
49 These ‘ developmental sequences ’ are intended to be hierarchical : ‘ each sequence of steps in different domains of development progresses towards and overlaps with National Curriculum Attainment Targets ’ ( Webster and Webster 1990 : 9 ) .
50 The committees and working groups are certainly participative , and are intended to be arenas for wide input from a variety of sources .
51 In all these cases the court has been concerned to ensure that these fundamental requirements are met in the way in which , particularly in the case of the county courts , they are intended to be and should be met .
52 Apart from other considerations , it is manifest that the words of section 6(1) of the Act of 1978 are intended to be interpreted widely , hence the use of the words ‘ whatever the basis of his liability ’ and the emphasis added by the word ‘ otherwise ’ at the end of the enumerated causes of action .
53 They are intended to be used to consolidate or to revise language which has already been presented in other ways .
54 Most ELT series are intended to supplement what is in the textbook not to replace it and they are intended to be used to consolidate the learning of language that has already been presented in another form .
55 These are intended to be a cheap , quick and informal way for customers to resolve disputes .
56 Associations with bells or illuminated disks are rather artificial , but they are intended to be experimental versions of things that would be important in nature .
57 Lunchtimes at the Victoria Centre are intended to be a communal affair but at the Delphi Centre they are strikingly different .
58 The Key Card and the green form are intended to be placed side by side and are reproduced on pages 448–451 .
59 Legal aid is not generally available for tribunals , they are intended to be cheap and both sides are clearly expected to bear their own costs .
60 The recent introduction of pilot one-stop-shops , which are intended to be the main local point of access to and promotion of all DTI services , and the diagnostic and consultancy brokerage services which are being developed to succeed the Consultancy Initiatives , will play a key role in helping firms , in particular smaller firms , to access the technology which they need as part of their business and marketing plans .
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