Example sentences of "be [vb pp] to [be] " in BNC.

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1 BTV particles are calculated to be composed of 60 copies of VP3 , 780 copies of VP7 , 120 copies of VP5 and 180 copies of VP2 .
2 The boldness of this interpretation lies in allowing the validity of the trust even though it had not been addressed to the daughter and had not been intended to be paid by her .
3 One forgot in the early enthusiasm that the rotors had never been intended to be a ship 's prime movers , too much was expected of them .
4 It had , however , not been intended to be just an economic body .
5 This had not been intended to be legalistic , but in practice the claimant had been put in the position of an ordinary plaintiff in a civil case arguing a case against a powerful insurance company or mutual insurance society ( Potter and Stansfield , 1950 ) .
6 By contrast , Message Queue Interface works in a time-independent fashion ; requests are queued to be sent to the remote machine and if anything goes wrong they are automatically remembered and re-tried without the application having to do any work at all .
7 However , in the past , many observations have been recognized to be valid before any rational or logical explanation could be advanced to account for them .
8 If these enhancements and/or modifications are recognized to be universally applicable , will carry out the necessary work and will bear the cost of this .
9 The simplicity and flexibility of the notation of DC are recognized to be two of its strengths .
10 The standard method of recovery must be taught because it has been proven to be effective during testing .
11 ‘ Such a man , with a good track record can fight for his plant and his people on the very strong grounds that investment in his region has been proven to be successful .
12 Those that have seemed to indicate that ESP might be at work have generally later been discredited : either the subject of the experiment has been proven to be a charlatan or the experimental procedure itself has been shown to be flawed .
13 The allergens produced by House Dust Mites have been proven to be dangerous ‘ triggers ’ especially for Asthma attacks and allergic Rhinitis ( nasal congestion without a ‘ cold ’ ) and even in cases of Eczema .
14 Dyed Glassfish have been proven to be susceptible to Lymphocystis and the white marks may not in fact have been white spot .
15 Such thoughts should help them to understand how attitudes , right or wrong , can persist unchanged for endless generations if they are taught to be dictated by unassailable imaginary ‘ gods ’ who are never ‘ wrong ’ .
16 Managers , he notes , are taught to be tough , which can mean they sometimes take a decision regardless of its ethical consequences .
17 Thom 's theoretical analysis was based on the work of S.R. Broadbent , a statistician whose quantum hypothesis allows the extent to which data are quantised to be assessed objectively .
18 In an attempt to raise further funds for the International League for the Protection of Horses fighting fund , a demonstration and clinic has been arranged to be given by Britain 's leading Western rider/trainer and judge , Bob Mayhew .
19 It 's not they have not yet been developed to be wholly reliable , and there are problems to be solved to do with the fluctuation in the wind power , but I think perhaps some of those are exaggerated .
20 3:16 ) ; and the Holy Spirit has been given to be our teacher ’ ( Willowbank Report 1978:10 ) .
21 I am delighted that he has chosen to introduce a Bill on nurse prescribing and I am honoured to be associated with it as one of its sponsors .
22 ‘ You were afraid of the light because you 'd been taught to be afraid of it , ’ said Rachaela .
23 ‘ Because I have been born in England , I have been taught to be independent , original and to think for myself .
24 Erm the development limits the landscape policies that have been referred to are our response to a number of considerations , erm protection of the open countryside is just one of those .
25 And ma'am , just on a brief note of clarification , the report which has been referred to was a report prepared by the County Planning Officer , endorsed and I think was prepared in his name and was presented t to a working party of Greater York authorities .
26 Such focal points have been aligned to be both clearly seen from the house and as elements of surprise when walking through the garden , an essential element of any good design .
27 ‘ This will allow existing buildings and land that has been contaminated to be returned to use . ’
28 At the same time that this mischief is done , the wood itself is ( timber excepted ) but of a miserable account , as any one may suppose , when he is informed , that these shaws have a fence only on one side , and consequently are exposed to be eaten by the cattle that graze in the fields ; hence there is an imperfect system of wood , an injured one of corn , and wretched fences ; by aiming at too much , nothing arrives at perfection .
29 As a result , the uniform ‘ polises ’ often complain that ‘ the quality of prig has been forsaken to be replaced by quantity ’ .
30 These recipes are intended to be unadulterated bliss .
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