Example sentences of "he [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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61 " Andrew is a very complex character as a man , but when he 's composing , he 's just like anybody else — he sits down at the piano looking for the tune , " explains Black .
62 if you like the germ of the idea of the poem is alive in his mind because he sits down at the page thinking I 'm going to write a poem .
63 And so quickly he makes his way to the gate of the city as we 've said , and he gets this man he sits down with the te with the te , with the ten elders who would be witnesses and the kinsman arrives .
64 When his mind 's on fisticuffs he sits in on the training sessions there .
65 He tumbled back into the saloon .
66 He tumbled back against the slick damp wall .
67 He harked back to the golden age of a be-blazered world where all God 's children had the basics banged into them , and video nasties were confined to close encounters with beasties in biology lessons .
68 ‘ Thank you , now take your letter to Hay , then hurry home ! ’ he called as he rode off into the distance .
69 On Sundays , unless the weather was really rough , he rode out into the hills .
70 Ward watched him , without any expression on his face , as he rode out through the arch , turned right and was lost to view behind the outbuildings that formed a part of the square courtyard .
71 At ten o'clock he rode out from the Elysée to be greeted by the cheers of the people , and on entering the Place de la Concorde he was saluted by cries of ‘ Vive l'Empereur ! ’ and shouts of ‘ To the Tuileries ! ’ .
72 Branch manager Richard Fairhurst took a back seat for the day , as he rode along on the back of a tandem .
73 So this is how it 's going to be , thinks Howard , as he rides down in the lift again .
74 He rides off on the bicycle , my bicycle , which is too small for him .
75 Finally , he rides out of the graveyard into the future .
76 He slouched back in the chair , his face drawn as if he realised the mortal danger they were now in .
77 Blanche thanked the man for his help and he loped off down the corridor , jangling his keys .
78 He loped down into the basement , dusted off half a dozen bottles of beer and brought them up , found glasses and an opener and took them into the living-room on a tray .
79 He refers back to the Fish era as if in awe , and introduces the other Marillionauts with grovelling reverence .
80 We went swimming with Jonathan the other night and he got up on the top board and sort of and he was sort of like hanging on to the bar like this looking over
81 He got up into the chilly darkness and went to look .
82 In the bronze medal fight against Axel Lobenstein , of East Germany , White appeared to start with more aggressive determination , but his attacks were way off target and he was thrown for a yuko ( five points ) as he got up off the ground .
83 We never normally talked in the morning : he got up at the last moment and rushed out without a word .
84 I remember that when he got up at the end of the meal , his head nearly touched the ceiling , and , as usual , the rising to his feet was undertaken by means of the silent swivel-mechanism .
85 He 'd warn Lee when he got up to the wood .
86 As I entered the room he got up from the floor , drawing his sleeve across his mouth .
87 He felt stiff when he got up from the chair and turned out the light and groped his way through the still open doorway to the bed , shedding his clothes on to the floor .
88 ‘ All right , then , ’ said his Dad , putting his hand on Philip 's shoulder as he got up from the table .
89 He thought he would not begin on all that , so he got up from the kitchen table .
90 He had knocked over the water jug when he got up from the table .
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