Example sentences of "he [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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31 Staying close to the wooden wall , he crept along between the shed and the hedge .
32 Totally mystified by his experience , he crept back to the booking hall and tried to sleep .
33 He crept back into the kitchen and made himself another cup of tea .
34 As he crept in through the scullery window she would leap from her bedroom and conceal herself in the nettles , unconscious of the pain .
35 " Andrew Stavanger is a fine shipping man — his family owned the fleet before he sold out to the group .
36 I have tried taking the castle out , but this only makes him unhappy , so he goes over to the heater and swims underneath it .
37 He goes over to the bedside table and pours a glass of water .
38 As he goes on to the next , I glance at his fingers .
39 I 've been reading Richard Hoggart 's The Uses of Literacy on this journey ; he goes on about the working class not being able to think " abstractly , generally , metaphysically or politically .
40 Beckett remarks in Our Exagmination Round his Factification for Incamination of Work in progress , that Joyce 's work is ‘ not about something : it is that something itself ( Beckett 1929 and 1972 : 14 ) , and he goes on in the central part of his oeuvre , the trilogy Molloy , Malone Dies , The Unnamable ( 1950 — 2 ) , to create a kind of autonomy of his own — — as the Unnamable remarks , ‘ it all boils down to a question of words … all words , there 's nothing else ’ ( 1959 and 1979 : 308 ) .
41 Where we might have expected him to grant her the respect of verse , he goes on in the same business-like prose : ‘ How now , Kate ?
42 He goes up through the hoops along the narrow , she said the first day when all the others were standing there shaking at the narrow bath he was just over it and down and she said you 've never seen him
43 He goes up to the , he goes up to the bartender , he says excuse me , why is there a bear sitting over there ?
44 He goes up to the , he goes up to the bartender , he says excuse me , why is there a bear sitting over there ?
45 He works in the hospitals , he goes down to the projects in the Bronx .
46 Howard ca n't help laughing to himself as he goes down in the lift .
47 If , however , he goes in with the public on that day , conceals himself , and takes the painting on the following day , he is not guilty .
48 When he 's dried out , he goes back on the road , an entertainer for whom the drug of applause and audience-love assuages his insecurity .
49 Aston Villa manager Ron Atkinson could also run the gauntlet of hostility at Hillsborough today when he goes back to the club he left under acrimonious circumstances two seasons ago .
50 So he cries and he goes back to the beach .
51 Now , however , Freud expands that concept as well and interestingly enough he goes back to the first term he used for repression .
52 So he goes out into the storm and into wild nature , together with ‘ the wolf and the owl ’ , while his daughters and son-in-law close their doors on him ( 306ff . ) .
53 He goes out to the kitchen to hide his tears .
54 Then he wakes me up when he goes out of the door in the mornings .
55 I mean I 'm not saying he 's alcoholic but he goes out with the lads and he you know he 'll he 'll sort of thud up the stairs .
56 When he goes out in the evening he is invariably with his mates whose influence may encourage him to take risks .
57 GARY ARMSTRONG will take another giant step towards reviving his Scotland career when he lines up for the Barbarians at Leicester on December 28 .
58 But he lines up for the Welsh All-Blacks today , hoping to take another step towards erasing the memory .
59 JEREMY McWilliams faces the big one tomorrow when , as the first Ulster rider in the newly constituted 500cc World motor cycling championship , he lines up against the cream of the international circus at Eastern Creek , Sydney , for the Australian Grand Prix , the first round in the series .
60 The carer stands with her legs on either side of the patient 's knees , places her hands under the patient 's seat , pulls his body-weight forward and in one movement lifts his pelvis and pivots him so that he sits down onto the chair .
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