Example sentences of "turn a blind eye " in BNC.

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1 He 'd already turned a blind eye when a couple of his lorries got hi-jacked .
2 Armed guards told thousands of people with jobs in the western sector they should not report for work ‘ for the time being ’ , while a few were said to have turned a blind eye as scores of their fellow citizens ran for freedom .
3 Japanese authorities have turned a blind eye to the rapid expansion of their drift-net fleet .
4 ‘ Council 's turned a blind eye to it previously but I 'm in charge now and I 'm booking you under the Fireworks and Public Entertainments byelaw . ’
5 English-speaking countries , however , have been relatively unaware of this activity because of language barriers , or if aware of any aspect of it have turned a blind eye due to a lack of understanding of the background of the method or a disinterest in the findings of Quantum Physics .
6 I get the feeling he 's turned a blind eye too often .
7 The Waco sheriff habitually turned a blind eye to Koresh 's activities .
8 The points were made that parking there can not be dangerous as it is permitted during part of the year , and that the authorities seem to have turned a blind eye to cars parked outside the church during services .
9 For years , the authorities have turned a blind eye to the slaughter , maintaining that it was a quaint custom which would eventually die out .
10 The plaintiff must show that the defendant has turned a blind eye to truth in order to advance an ulterior object .
11 Some other forces throughout the region , if they even thought about it , appear to have turned a blind eye .
12 The same people who had turned a blind eye as they passed Clary in their snooty fashion , would regard this esteemed gentleman with admiration , perceiving Clarence , as a high-class citizen of Chichester .
13 The national populous actually turned a blind eye to atrocities that were happening with human beings .
14 I could have turned a blind eye , but to grab it and to throw it to the hounds I think was absolutely abysmal .
15 Naturally , father knew , but turned a blind eye .
16 Using the Temple as a short cut was also forbidden by Jewish Law and yet the priests turned a blind eye to it because it brought more trade into the Temple .
17 It featured Shaun and Bez again , ‘ off our heads , in full throttle , coming out with all sorts of shit ’ , except this time no one turned a blind eye , offered excuses or mildly slapped their wrists .
18 And turned a blind eye to the sinking S** .
19 Our knowledge of all these sides of religious life at Canterbury at the time of the Conquest has had to be reconstructed by laborious scholarship , largely because Lanfranc turned a blind eye to every aspect of a native religious tradition .
20 Stalin 's collectivization and industrialization drive launched at the end of the 1920s was accompanied by untold horrors : acute deprivation of workers and peasants alike , epitomized by a catastrophic famine in 1933 to which the government turned a blind eye ; repression and imprisonment on a truly mass scale ; and the blood-letting of the Great Terror of 1936–38 .
21 Incidentally ; the choice of these two films represents a critical opinion , not only of their special effects though these are outstanding too , even if Oscar turned a blind eye but of the films as a whole .
22 turned a blind eye to fibre optics ,
23 The staff knew what was going on but they turned a blind eye .
24 Marasli wanted nothing but a quiet life , and turned a blind eye to Miloš 's encroachments .
25 Rex turned a blind eye to the fact that he was obviously Officer Cecil , poorly disguised in false moustache , tailcoat and spats .
26 Members of the Academy turned a blind eye to the black marketeers , because the Seven Planets needed food and supplies and the corporations would n't trade with independent worlds .
27 Nelson , who took Murdoch 's place in goal , first of all did as his namesake and turned a blind eye to a cross from McGinlay .
28 Hal , while he was flipping over some burgers , ‘ turned a blind eye ’ and pretended not to notice her ‘ mistake ’ .
29 Turning a blind eye could cost you a great deal of money in lost orders and lost production , and it certainly wo n't help them or their colleagues who have to work with them .
30 He seems to be obsessed with investing every penny , while at the same time turning a blind eye to the needs of his growing family .
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