Example sentences of "turn a blind eye " in BNC.

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31 Their attempts to impose conditions on a man like Henry VIII only show how far , in the initial stages , they were turning a blind eye to the implications of their policy .
32 Significantly , farmers — generally reliable Tory supporters — are blaming the Government for the sins of Brussels and appear to be turning a blind eye to the Liberal Democrats ' pro-European stance .
33 It worries me that turning a blind eye to the deliberate starvation of these patients is portrayed as contributing in some way to the high ethical standards of the nursing profession . ’
34 It can sometimes mislead people who perceive clearly the fallacies the metaphor invites and therefore reject it altogether , turning a blind eye to the true insight it encapsulates .
35 turning a blind eye to harassment of you by your colleagues ;
36 Some parents are better at turning a blind eye than others .
37 If sweet reason and turning a blind eye are not enough and you feel you have to use some form of punishment , do so without excessive anger or physical force .
38 There is no question of the SFA turning a blind eye to the incident …
39 The process of idealizing one 's partner , turning a blind eye to faults or discrepancies between what is and what is desired , can perform a useful function .
40 Julia Bard ( ‘ The priests have it ’ , 1 May ) rebukes anti-racists for turning a blind eye to religious fundamentalism , and cites a recent issue of the Runnymede Trust Bulletin to illustrate her argument .
41 Councils have been turning a blind eye to shops opening on Sunday because of the uncertainty over what the Euro-judges would decide .
42 Even the securist in the maternity ward probably lived such a squalid and impoverished life that his price for turning a blind eye to abortion was not very high .
43 ‘ Oh , just the small matter of the DGSE turning a blind eye to arms sales to Iranian terrorists in return for the release of our French hostages in Beirut . ’ ,
44 For two years , Clark , William Waldegrave at the Foreign Office and Nicholas Ridley at the Department of Trade and Industry wrangled in secret memos over the morality of turning a blind eye in exchange for information .
45 TEACHERS are turning a blind eye to pupils smoking at school , a report reveals today .
46 And while the British Government was turning a blind eye to the export of machine tools from Matrix Churchill , Dr Al-Habobi was happy to report his success to Saddam Hussein .
47 Honouring someone does not mean turning a blind eye to weakness .
48 They are responsible for what goes on but quite clearly some have been turning a blind eye . ’
49 Thus by prioritizing intention and relegating consequences as accidents — conveniently turning a blind eye to strict liability-corporate officials can proceed to commit corporate crimes because they do not perceive them as such in the first place .
50 For their part , the Conservative-dominated National governments of Baldwin and Chamberlain in Britain , engaged in their policies of appeasement towards the fascist powers , were anxious to prevent the Spanish war from spreading , even at the cost of turning a blind eye to the involvement of Italy , Germany and the Soviet Union .
51 By turning a blind eye to the activities of moderate Puritan laymen and clergy while at the same time dealing harshly with Presbyterian extremists , king and archbishop ensured that the first fifteen years of Abbot 's primacy were some of the most tranquil in the religious sphere during the entire century following the break with Rome ( see Chapter 7 ) .
52 Rather than turning a blind eye to the polishers and legislating against the scuffers , we should more logically allow no interference … on either side of the ball .
53 In a similar line of argument , Reynolds 's Newspaper ( 14 August 1898 ) viewed the Hooligan panic as an indictment of the hypocrisy of a civilisation that took ‘ so painful an interest about moral handkerchiefs and hymn books for the barbarians of the wild Soudan ’ while turning a blind eye towards ‘ the far wilder barbarians they may find within a few paces from their own street-doors ’ .
54 Field staff , by describing their inactivity as ‘ turning a blind eye ’ , recognize that the formal law can embrace cases of this kind .
55 Until then , police practice involved turning a blind eye to minor breaches of public decency rather than embarking on lengthy prosecutions .
56 Many have become lifestyle feminists with husbands and boyfriends who have cultivated the good-humoured acceptance of feminist ideas and who behave as non-oppressive , anti-sexist men , cooking the ratatouille , organising crêches at women 's conferences , and turning a blind eye to untidy houses and piles of dirty washing .
57 Turning a blind eye to his presence was one thing , he said , but being party to malicious damage quite another .
58 Have the Government finally abandoned the erstwhile Tory doctrine that the rule of law must be upheld in all circumstances , now that the Attorney-General is turning a blind eye to big supermarkets breaking the Sunday trading law and as the poll tax non-payment campaign has apparently recruited the architect 's daughter ?
59 Thirdly , as the Government are turning a blind eye to many of the disregards being allowed for people on income support and in residential and nursing care , could that be codified and made safe for all forms of disregard ?
60 Reports persisted throughout May that the security forces were turning a blind eye to the activities of Zulu mobs in the townships , allegedly waiting to respond until local citizens retaliated against the Zulus ' attacks .
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