Example sentences of "from all over " in BNC.

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1 As a water-testing exercise these courses were successful , attracting ‘ students ’ from all over the country and even one from Saudi Arabia .
2 Here the streets were alive with the chatter of tongues from all over Europe and the Middle East — the central meeting place of cultures , philosophies and religions , in which many found their roots .
3 Refrigerated juggernauts from all over Europe wait outside the doors .
4 More than 7,000 men from all over Britain took part in the eight-year study .
5 Major industrial partners , like Shell , Hewlett-Packard , and Meiko itself have contributed both money and equipment to help the project to the point where it can offer a reliable multi-user service to people from all over the UK .
6 Of the 532 — members of all social classes and from all over the country — 24 girls and 13 boys said they had been involved in prostitution at some time .
7 Currency reform was ‘ essential ’ , said a resolution adopted after a protest here last week of trade unionists from all over the Russian Federated Republic .
8 Young victims from all over the Ukraine and far beyond came in and out of Makarenko 's institution .
9 Branches report from all over the UK on the interest and help provided by the management and staff of Cannon Cinemas , and the company 's support is gratefully acknowledged by Central Council .
10 Members of western clubs from all over the country converged on a private cinema in Kings Cross .
11 The ANC at that time had very close links to the African Mine Workers ' Union , the largest group of whose members were Bemba , but which included members of tribes from all over Zambia , as well as from Tanganyika and Nyasaland .
12 I show the snippet to Tony and the resulting peals of laughter from the pair of us bring disapproving stares from all over the plane .
13 By rail Intercity from all over the country .
14 The Nijmegen Marches are an annual high-profile event in which 33,000 people , from all over the world , march twenty-six miles per day for four consecutive days .
15 People are coming from all over the place , and the flat … . ’ she held out her arms .
16 Because no other catalogue offers such exciting gifts from all over the world — at such value for money prices .
17 It was a prestigious event , attended by ministers and top delegates from all over Europe , and the speech delivered to the Prince 's office was straightforward and bland , essentially a pat on the back for Britain in all she was doing to keep the North Sea clean .
18 people were coming from all over the country to see her , and anyone sitting at the back of the stalls or the upper circle would not catch a glimpse .
19 The old Victorian hospital , which has performed miracles on thousands of sick children from all over the world in the intervening years , had reached the end of its life .
20 Granary Wharf , Central Basin — diverse crafts from all over the world , reached by walking under the City Station .
21 Incidents of ballot-stuffing were reported from all over India .
22 People from all over the world began to make pilgrimages to Monkey Mia and some 200,000 visitors arrived during the 1989 season .
23 As the final election results come in from all over the country , it is clear they will be helping to run many Soviet towns and cities .
24 Arab immigrants to the United States have been drawn from all over the Middle East .
25 On January 21st Muslim leaders from all over the country gathered in Bradford to denounce ‘ military aggression against Iraq ’ .
26 New electoral rules will mean that at least part of Congress will be chosen by voters from all over the country , undermining the power of regional party bosses .
27 Russia 's independent Union of Drivers has sent trucks to the coal fields to distribute the food donations that have poured in from all over the country .
28 This one was more highbrow than most , bringing together economists from all over Eastern Europe and the West as well .
29 There were memorable pictures : the beautiful Princess with her long train carried by the small page-boys ; the debonair Prince ; the members of royal families from all over Europe ; the world 's leaders and statesmen ; the small but immaculate figure of Nancy Reagan .
30 Founded in the thirteenth century , Salamanca was the equal of Paris , Bologna and Oxford , became internationally famous and attracted students from all over the world .
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