Example sentences of "from all over " in BNC.

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31 The gypsies gathered at the horse fair came from all over the place so he could be anywhere after that .
32 The National Labrador Welfare Centre rescues and rehomes Labradors and crossbreeds from all over Britain .
33 People from all over the world have visited Buxton to take the waters , including such celebrities as Noel Coward and Douglas Fairbanks , Jnr .
34 Reports from all over Germany indicated , however , that Hitler 's speech to the ‘ Old Fighters ’ of the Movement on 8 November had dispelled such feelings and reinvigorated ‘ extensive sections of the population ’ .
35 Immediately following the invasion and on the basis of reports from all over the Reich , the SD registered ‘ the greatest surprise ’ and ‘ a certain dismay ’ ( though no major shock ) at the news .
36 Numerous reports from all over Germany make clear how little the German people in the last months of the war was attuned to the heroic strains of the message preached above all by Goebbels .
37 ‘ There 's nothing wrong with pop stars coming from all over the world is there ? ’
38 ‘ There 's nothing wrong with pop stars coming from all over the world is there ?
39 It really freaks me to think that people have travelled from all over Britain to this — even though it was supposed to be secret .
40 If so , a bacterial chromosome would resemble a professional football team , whose players have been transferred into the club from all over the place .
41 Along with Bologna , Oxford and Paris , it became one of the great centres of medieval scholarship , attracting students from all over Europe .
42 An exhibition and conference on fire-fighting involving companies and brigades from all over Austria was in full swing .
43 ‘ They send stories about us from all over the world and they charge $1.25 a clipping .
44 People came from all over Britain — from a quiet Scottish village to the suburbs of Manchester — but everyone appeared to have a relatively comfortable background .
45 After news of the drawing was reported recently in the Italian press he received tips from all over Europe about other missing Leonardos .
46 A theatre packed with enthusiasts , including more than 140 critics from all over the West , shows that the company is just as appreciated by the rest of the world , too .
47 ‘ It 's coming from all over the world , ’ one dealer said .
48 PEOPLE travel from all over the world to look at a scrap-metal merchants in Shrewsbury .
49 Does it really contain ‘ the most amazing , precious and thrilling things from all over the world ’ ?
50 World championships in several sports are already lined up for the Arena , as well as national and local sports events to drawn sports fans from all over Britain .
51 Children from all over the Western Isles come to Stornoway to finish their secondary education accommodated in hostels at the Nicolson Institute or the Lews Castle Technical College .
52 He summoned scholars and men of wisdom from all over the known world , his main personal tutor and mentor being Alcuin of Northumberland from England .
53 Around 250–300 honours and research students from all over Scotland attended the 14th annual Irvine review lectures held in the Chemistry Department at St Andrews University in November .
54 The Great Exhibition lasted from May until October and attracted visitors from all over the world to see the various items of produce exhibited , and a Mr. Thomas Cook enlarged his business by arranging trips to that Exhibition from a great many places .
55 It is an unbelievable place to spend the summer and young people from all over Europe flock here from April right through to the end of October to enjoy the free and easy life-style and atmosphere that they themselves have created .
56 Rhodes is a truly international resort , attracting good-timers from all over Europe with a unique atmosphere which combines tradition and excitement — you 'll have a colossally good time !
57 On all sides the air is filled with music and a mixture of languages as young people from all over Europe get together to enjoy the pleasures of this picturesque resort that has so much to offer in such a small space — last year we counted over 15 different hostelries , none more than five minutes walk from each other !
58 During his time the Kamara has become the accepted Club base in ‘ Ag Nik ’ , partly because of its central position seven minutes form the beach and about three minutes from the ‘ West End ’ , and partly because the bar here is a focal meeting point for 18–30 's from all over the resort .
59 The park is home to a fascinating and varied collection of mammals , birds , reptiles , fish and invertebrates from all over the world .
60 In 1979 the festival embraced the National Festival of Youth Theatres when 14 Youth Theatre Groups from all over Britain joined the Leeds Festival and performed in the city 's major theatres and participated in a week of workshop sessions led by national figures such as Henry Livings , Cicely Berry , Willie Hobbs , Sue Little and others .
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