Example sentences of "[verb] from time to time " in BNC.

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1 At first their mother 's sister had come from time to time but she and Moran had quarrelled .
2 Although the commitment to religion was stressed from time to time , often in response to the charge of militarism , the CLB always seemed to emphasize matters of social discipline and conformity .
3 However , the idea that archive work might be used in the training of embryo diplomats still surfaced from time to time in France .
4 ‘ I redrew it to what fitted our site and what I needed in terms of accommodation for the children and grannies who appear from time to time — mindful of the fact that Edwina and Michael were two and four , but were n't going to stay that size for long . ’
5 And in the years of glut there is always a slatted wooden tray in some cool , dark attic , which the writer nervously visits from time to time ; and yes , oh dear , while he 's been hard at work downstairs , up in the attic there are puckering skins , warning spots , a sudden brown collapse and the sprouting of snowflakes .
6 Some members like to come back to Bristol for social events like the Alumni Foundation concerts or the sports reunions which are organised from time to time .
7 As to the first question it is clear that views as to the availability and scope of certiorari together with its actual use have varied from time to time .
8 ( 2 ) For the purposes of this section : ( a ) " special road " and " special road authority " have the same meanings as in the Roads ( Scotland ) Act 1984 and ( b ) " class I " means class 1 in Schedule 3 to the Act , as varied from time to time by any order under section 8 of that Act , but , if that Schedule is amended by such an order so as to add to it a further class of traffic , the order may adapt the reference in this section to traffic of class 1 so as to take account of the additional class .
9 IT is high time that we stopped this charade of swearing allegiance to the Queen and her heirs and successors because we do not know from time to time who they are .
10 In his speech yesterday Mr Lawson dismissed sterling 's troubles as ‘ turbulence ’ of the kind that grown-ups like him , who have seen a thing or two over the years , expect from time to time .
11 The nature and degree of insanity which will afford a defence to a criminal charge has from time to time been a matter of considerable discussion .
12 For my part I am not condemning , I am illustrating the fact that the Christian symbiosis between nature and humankind , expressed so well in the Bible , has from time to time been replaced by man 's domination of nature with disastrous consequences for both .
13 In common with all insurance companies , Legal & General has from time to time to adjust its premium terms to take into account the changing nature and frequency of household insurance claims .
14 Though small in size and numbers , Border has from time to time been good enough to thump the New Zealand All-Blacks and the British Lions at rugby , and to produce such cricketers as Peter Kirsten , Hylton Ackerman , Ken McEwan and the brothers Greig .
15 His nasogastric tube has from time to time to be removed or re-inserted .
16 The firm has from time to time various secondees both at the Listing Groups of the Stock Exchange and with the Panel .
17 The search for training which fits this description in the management of education is hindered in two ways : it has long been an area for tension between theorists and practitioners and it has from time to time been exposed to management models from fields where practice and purpose are very different from those of education .
18 It causes ‘ thrush ’ , which is an infection of mucous membranes occurring from time to time in young children , characterized by white patches developing in the mouth .
19 If you ca n't hear me at the back because my voice drops from time to time then shout away because I 'm not always aware of how well it carries .
20 An evening with a breeze ; I could see movement in the bracken that edged the track , and cloud-shadows moved from time to time over the sea-pinks .
21 In addition , it is supplemented from time to time by statements of practice or policy issued by the Panel .
22 A journal publishing the new material which had been added from time to time to the machine-readable text .
23 In fact , the behaviour of the janissaries bred a smouldering resentment which erupted from time to time into acts of armed resistance .
24 Jessica followed closely , watching the stop-lights and the curly hair she caught from time to time around the head restraint on his front seat .
25 Among them was a young officer who was riding a mule ( which stubbornly stopped from time to time ) and roaring with laughter .
26 we stopped from time to time
27 The answer he got was in the line that Frank looked uninspired in training ( well as ‘ inspired ’ as Deano looks from time to time in the games i guess Deano most look — very — inspired in training ) .
28 The spirit had been caught from time to time long before and by the same crossing of Italian sweetness with Netherland technique , for instance in Josquin 's ‘ Pange lingua ’ Mass ( see pp. 1767 ) , but in Palestrina and Victoria it is all-pervading , incantatory , the ideal music of mystical faith , totally purged of human emotion ( except occasionally in their motets ) and of human vanity — except the vanity of performers who ( we learn with a shock from Giovanni Bassano 's Motetti , Madrigali el Canzoni Francese di diversi eccellentissimi Auttori …
29 If you work regularly for one agency you may want to have your position and experience reviewed from time to time , so that future work you undertake can be constructive and part of bona fide career development .
30 Specificity or the degree of specificity of indexing , must be established during planning for the index and reviewed from time to time thereafter .
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