Example sentences of "[verb] from time to time " in BNC.

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31 The professor will be a member ex officio of the committee , and will be expected from time to time to hold offices such as that of Chairman of the Committee or Director of Graduate Studies , and in due course to assume the duties of professor in charge of the Institute , which are customarily rotated by arrangement .
32 Vagrant birds of South American origin are reported from time to time on the South Orkney and South Shetland Islands ; their presence indicates repeated possibilities for colonization , but they invariably disappear quickly .
33 Naturally , some of us continued to meet from time to time , constituting the Tyrrell Society in all but name .
34 Place the container in the dark in a cool place for 8–10 weeks , checking from time to time to see if the water needs topping up .
35 Louis de Broglie also tried from time to time throughout his later life to find ways of reconciling quantum mechanics with a more deterministic picture .
36 Frequently generals thought it best if they were outmanoeuvred to in effect accept an honourable surrender er and er bargains of this kind occurred from time to time between largely mercenary armies .
37 ( 1 ) A recognised body which is a company limited by shares shall insure with authorised insurers against the losses referred to in paragraph ( 3 ) of this Rule over and above the maximum indemnity provided from time to time by the Solicitors Indemnity Fund .
38 The scheme may well now be complete , but revision is recommended from time to time and thought must be given as to how this might be achieved .
39 Erm , we would think of others , would n't we , not only do we have our own National Anthem , but we have other songs that that arouses from time to time .
40 motor vehicles owned by the Forestry Commission or by local authorities and used from time to time for the purpose of fighting fires ;
41 Here at Practical PC , we 've had AUTOEXEC.BATs full of REMmed lines — alternative command lines that needed editing to make changes in the various programs and drivers we used from time to time .
42 ‘ It is just one of those things which happens from time to time . ’
43 This , this happens from time to time does n't it ?
44 He was charming , and found women desirable , so inevitably he weakened from time to time .
45 The doctrine of precedent restrains tribunals and the trial judges in the county courts and in the High Court from digressing into frolics of legal innovation , but even the trial judge will be presented from time to time with issues upon which there are no binding precedents .
46 The modern modification of representative democracy is therefore to see the public as being allowed to choose from time to time between two or more broad political programmes , and being able to reject a party that has failed to carry out its promises .
47 We change the compensation limits from time to time ; the current limits are published in our UK Letter Rates Guide , available at post offices .
48 Resting on three stones above the flames was a large copper pan full of milk , which Sigarup stirred from time to time as it was boiling .
49 Later , years and enchanted years later , it seemed , she lay enfolded in the hard warmth of his arms , shivering from time to time as memory of the passion and intensity of their lovemaking rocked her slender frame all over again .
50 You will probably be visited from time to time , and in some areas you will get practical help such as toy kits , toy libraries , first aid kits and safety equipment on loan .
51 Christians need to reflect from time to time on their faith , knowing that it is easy to be distracted from their calling to be disciples .
52 I followed the Sergeant out to the office ; we both sat at a small table , and after a very enjoyable supper of cheese rolls we played the chanters until 1 a.m. , pausing from time to time to drink a mug of tea .
53 It did not take them very long to get the hang of it , scraping carefully with the blade at an angle of forty-five degrees and pausing from time to time in order to wipe it clean .
54 It is well worth pausing from time to time to clarify what problem each person thinks he or she is solving .
55 And she even dropped from time to time the odd and flattering hint about the unique nature of her interest .
56 In addition , they suffered from time to time through gaps in chairmanship because ministers had failed to appoint in time .
57 Moreover , whatever your age , circumstances and financial resources , taking stock is something which must be done from time to time — it is the first step in making decisions .
58 The three departments , however , do use official statistics in the detailed studies which are done from time to time on a one-off basis .
59 I am convinced that zander often shoal up or gather in great numbers when they are not hunting and to come across one of these occurrences as I have done from time to time is an unbelievably exciting experience .
60 There is nothing to stop the parties agreeing , after a dispute has arisen , to refer their dispute to an expert for his determination , and this is done from time to time , in the same way as arbitration agreements .
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