Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] [vb mod] [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Those totems were my warning shot ; anybody who set foot on the island after seeing them should know what to expect .
2 I mean nothing could catch my imagination fantasy .
3 John Selwyn Gummer , Minister of Agriculture , Fisheries and Food There is no point in producing a list of microwave ovens without giving the detailed instructions so that those using them can improve their performance .
4 I mean them let's face it one out the three of us should of thought a bit more .
5 ‘ If you were n't already so bruised and battered I 'd turn you over my knee and make sure you had nothing to laugh about . ’
6 I just made the whole bed and then realized I 'd put it on the wrong way .
7 I knew it was n't going to be easy , as it was so very much his world , but I realized I must do it soon , because the longer I delayed , the longer I felt I would go on doing so — like facing up to the ashes .
8 I do n't think I shall bear it if this does not work , thought Fenella .
9 ‘ I do n't think I shall renew it . ’
10 I do n't think I shall want anything .
11 I do n't think I shall love anyone else ; ever again .
12 ‘ I do n't think I shall repeat it . ’
13 And and he said well do you think I ought to give her , you know , what about two pound a week ?
14 Do you think I ought to thank them ?
15 Do you think I ought to take anything or ?
16 JEWKES : He is my master and if he bids me do anything I can do I think I ought to do it and let him who has power to command me look to the lawfulness of it .
17 ‘ Do you think I ought to tell her husband ? ’
18 ‘ I suppose I mean that I do n't think I ought to have them . ’
19 I did think I might read them some day , when I could bear to and it did n't feel quite so much like prying . ’
20 I let myself think I might adopt him — oh , not altogether , but just so that he could come and stay with me sometimes and I could do things for him .
21 No , I do n't think I 'll give her my .
22 I 've got her pressy here but I think , I do n't think I 'll give it till tomorrow night .
23 Do you think I 'll tell you not to count on your fingers ?
24 What makes you think I 'll break my word ? ’
25 Aye , so she says I do n't think I 'll bother I just put it in a bargain
26 Do you think I 'll marry you after that ? ’
27 He leaned towards her and in a whisper he said , ‘ I do n't think I 'll waken her . ’
28 And I do not think I 'll make it to inspector ( to inspector )
29 I do n't think I 'll go I do n't want to have a broken nose !
30 And Joe , do n't think I 'll leave it there . ’
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