Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] [vb mod] [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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31 D' you think I 'll let him die ?
32 ‘ Do n't think I 'll let you get away with it ! ’
33 something which , that interested me but I do think I 'll find it boring or something .
34 But I do n't think I 'll need it .
35 Um yep yeah I do n't think er I do n't think I 'll need it .
36 I do n't think I 'll push my present run of culinary luck any further ; I 'll go to M. & S tomorrow and buy something ready-made .
37 And I will , I ca n't remember what it was but I do n't think I 'll get it again .
38 I do n't think I 'll get it in the car anyway .
39 I do n't think I 'll order one un
40 Er no I do n't think I 'll have one .
41 Kevin I do n't think I 'll have it as whirly as that .
42 I do n't think I 'll have I like
43 I am really glad of it ; I do n't think I would want them to be there , just in case I lost .
44 Now I 've used it elsewhere in the garden and I 've never really had any problem with it except it is inclined to make the water very alkaline because the chippings that are quite often used on a flat roof and they 've got a very high P H and therefore you 've got to be aware that the water that comes off is not likely to be soft it 's more likely to be fair fairly hard but for reasonably tough plants I do n't think I would waste it , especially in times of water shortage .
45 ‘ Well , no dear , I do n't think I would mistake you for a stook of corn .
46 ‘ Do you think I would hurt you , my lovely girl ?
47 Oh well you had to notif take doctor 's note in you see , oh yes er doctor 's note and erm we were allowed , but erm fortunately I did n't have to have much time off , I 've been really fortunate that way , but erm I do n't think I would do anything that 's different to what I have done because it 's hard to prepare me for how I am now that 's how I look at things , and er the trouble I had with my husband it 's helped me to prepare myself for doing the garden , I 'd done the front garden when the gardeners came this morning .
48 ‘ Did you really think I would leave you to face her alone ? ’
49 ‘ I hope you do n't think I would use what happened the other night in any way to try and influence you .
50 Do you think I would use you like any common slut ? ’
51 ‘ It 's not my game and I do n't think I would like it much .
52 I do n't think I would have it in me to start again with another group .
53 Like now , I do n't think I would order it again .
54 really great it was , you know I did n't really think it would turn out as big as it has done you know , but it 's turned out beautiful has n't it really , yeah we was , I was thrilled especially when they built the new houses round the front we used to go and keep looking at them , little did I think I would get one , and the housing officer came one day and he said would you like one of the new ones , I said I would and it was four bedroom but we got , you see we 've got the other bedroom over my daughter-in-law 's , so me and hubby used to have the en right down a long passage and the bedroom was over like the sit you 've got a bedroom over the sitting room like see and she erm , we used to have so the children did n't make a noise to disturb her so my hubby and I had that room , yeah , it was quite nice it was , nice house , I erm , you know , enjoyed being there , bringing up the family , you want plenty of room you 've got a big family do n't you really ?
55 He said : ‘ I have never seen Downey 's picture but I would think I may know him .
56 The Corn Exchange well I 've said that one so many time I do n't think I need repeat it .
57 ‘ I do n't think I need remind anyone of the tragic blow which the Miletti family , and indeed the whole of Perugia , has suffered today .
58 I do not think I need say anything about what is known as the three-mile limit .
59 Aye it depends in what sort of area , I mean you know , I do n't think I 'd tell anyone public cos the news team would know what we 're paid and
60 Oh I was n't a very convincing Prince Charming though , do n't think I 'd do it again .
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