Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] [verb] n't been " in BNC.

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31 Matthew was sent off to the yard , but Riddle was n't there and Matthew reckoned he had n't been there . ’
32 He apologized when he was close enough , because he guessed he had n't been able to hear Lavinia calling to him above the noise of the Suffolk Punch .
33 Well just to see how she is , I mean we have n't been down there
34 I actually went back upstairs and because , I mean although , I mean I was dancing and it was a late night , I had n't been drinking so , you know , although I was , I was tired , you know I had n't been drinking and erm so I actually felt erm wide awake
35 ‘ I know I have n't been the perfect father , but hell , you have n't been the perfect mother either . ’
36 I know you have n't been doing any English and that , but erm , have you have you been doing much reading ?
37 Er , now look Barbara , I know you have n't been in the job as long as the other two , but er , really you 're going to have to do better than this I 'm afraid .
38 Erm , now Barbara , I know you have n't been in the job as long as the other two , but er , really you 've got to do better than this I 'm afraid .
39 Remember you have n't been in there yet have you ?
40 remember you have n't been in there yet have you ?
41 She glanced at her left hand as if she 'd forgotten the fact , and was instantly ashamed to find herself wishing she had n't been wearing the showy diamond solitaire .
42 " I know they have n't been coming to class regularly .
43 And you know they have n't been up that long .
44 On television last night there was some waffling about nothing and complaining they had n't been told .
45 At which poor Jack Rogers — a former bricklayer and union leader , and the member of the executive taking the can back as he replied to the debate — innocently protested they had n't been drunk , they had n't even had a cup of tea .
46 ‘ This morning you discovered they had n't been with Peter Leary as they 'd told us .
47 I know it has n't been bad ca n't complain can we ?
48 ‘ You know he has n't been unfaithful . ’
49 and I mean there has n't been , I think , that kind of critical investigation of the claims that have been made by successive leaderships in Russia and China and other states claiming to be communist
50 I wait a minute ; no traffic passes , so I guess I have n't been seen .
51 Yeah and guess who has n't been fed either !
52 ‘ You 're saying he has n't been in touch since he left this flat on Thursday ? ’
53 Yes , I mean they have n't been .
54 As they drove out of town , along the quiet roads to the country , it became clear to Juliet that the brandy and soda her father had given him had n't been Nigel 's first drink of the evening .
55 On being asked about the condition of the front door and windows , he admitted they had n't been painted for many years and that the door had more or less reached the end of its life , and showed it .
56 You can tell I have n't been out in the garden lately I need , it needs to ci , it 's been too cold !
57 It reminded Franca of some old happiness ; and she thought I have n't been really happy since that very first day when he said there was someone else but I was n't to worry .
58 I felt she had n't been thinking about Charlie at all — except as an inspiration — but that , like me , she 'd been dwelling on what she might do in the world .
59 I knew she had n't been in the garden , I would have been able to smell her .
60 ‘ I knew you had n't been paying any attention .
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