Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] [verb] n't been " in BNC.

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No Sentence
61 Quite unwittingly you played right into my hands that night , Aurora — I knew you had n't been taking drugs , but it gave me the perfect excuse for sticking around .
62 ‘ Mother said she thought you have n't been looking too good lately — a bit peaky . ’
63 We had to buy one ; it certainly was n't given and do n't forget we had n't been paid a salary while travelling .
64 Bambi smiled thinly , and Sheridan said in a loud voice that he thought the whole thing was stupid ; everyone knew there had n't been any goddam kidnap attempt and why did n't Zak stop messing around and piss off .
65 Come the next time that sector is needed — assuming it has n't been discarded to make way for more recent data — it 's pulled straight out of RAM rather than through the comparatively slow disk system .
66 Nah , I bet he has n't been working .
67 She knew he had n't been paying any attention to the play .
68 There were frogs all round us , bubbling away , and we sat still for a bit and then he said , ‘ That 's the sound of Africa — it 's one of the things I love best ’ , and I knew he had n't been thinking about the baby or about me .
69 There 's an oil stain beneath it , but I bet it has n't been on since last February .
70 dog you see , but er you can tell it has n't been that tough a winter because there 's still
71 ‘ Do n't think it has n't been interesting . ’
72 As I said in Silvio 's office , do n't think it has n't been interesting , because — ’
73 At least he was n't going to pretend he had n't been talking to her .
74 ‘ North , ’ Feargal said laconically , proving he had n't been entirely engrossed in his paper .
75 I mean he has n't been in the shop once this week .
76 He realized he had n't been anywhere , that it had been a trick they played on him to see if he spoke German .
77 The fifty thousand well I if they do they have n't been able to what what we intend to do .
78 Well if Will has n't got his it means they have n't been issued .
79 He says that his face was badly burnt and it 's meant he has n't been able to take part in his favourite game of rugby .
80 I said I had n't been playing .
81 ‘ I wish I had n't been to Zaire .
82 ‘ Sometimes I wish I had n't been born a Catholic , Joe .
83 I asked Miss Lofthouse if she 'd seen you and she said you had n't been in this afternoon . ’
84 You said you had n't been painting .
85 You said you had n't been to a gym in ages .
86 Yeah , I know you do , I said , I said you have n't been on the bus already ?
87 The couple next door said she had n't been there for several days .
88 She said she had n't been for a while and erm then she said they did n't really know , they wondered how she was gon na get on in the water .
89 She said no she said we have n't been for ages .
90 Three quarters said they had n't been consulted before a caution was given , and sixty two percent of our sample thought offenders should only be entitled to one caution no matter whether the crime was committed by an adult or juvenile .
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