Example sentences of "[noun] [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 But Croat and Slovene leaders have reiterated their willingness to sit down with the Serbs and others to work out how Yugoslavia could be turned into a body not unlike the European Community .
2 times He 'll have good times Goin' oot on the randan But
3 The story goes back to the major earthquake , magnitude 7 on the Richter scale , which rocked Greece in February 1981 .
4 Meanwhile , never for a second was there any lifting in the murderous artillery blanket laid down by the cannon of the opposing sides , now nearly 4,000 strong .
5 The base goes back to the RAFin SEptember 94. it 's not yet known what will be done with the land but many local people hope it 'll be used the upper H
6 UN flies bodies home THE BODIES of 23 peacekeepers shot in weekend battles with Somali gunmen were flown home to Pakistan yesterday as the UN honed plans to hit back at the killers ‘ within days ’ .
7 BODIES of 23 peacekeepers shot in weekend battles with Somali gunmen in Mogadishu were flown home to Pakistan as the UN honed plans to hit back at the killers ‘ within days . ’
8 Although the policy review will be endorsed by the conference , giving Neil Kinnock the freedom to go on to the offensive against the Conservatives in the run-up to the next general election , there are a number of areas of potential conflict .
9 They are likely to be allowed less freedom to go out on the streets and stay out late .
10 The current machinery broadly follows the framework of collective bargaining laid down in the 1980 Workers ' Statute .
11 His wife lay there so limp , so insubstantial , her black hair hanging down like the tail of a whipped animal and one white hand clutching his sleeve as though it were her only hold on life .
12 The curriculum laid down for the first time what pupils should learn in 10 subjects .
13 In many Latin American countries teachers lack the freedom to devise and organise their own teaching plans , Peru being one of the few exceptions ( and even here there is a general curriculum laid down by the ministry ) .
14 Teaching in schools must follow the lines of a national curriculum laid down by the Secretary of State which will dominate approximately 90 per cent of school timetables .
15 Importantly , Gramsci did not believe that consent was produced as the result of a ruling class conspiracy to hoax the workers ; for him , ideologies arose out of the material realities within which human beings live and work .
16 She begs her sister to go up to the top of the tower of the castle and look out for them , and keeps calling out to her , ‘ Anne , sister Anne , dost thou see nothing coming ? ’
17 To the layman they all look pretty similar : crisp emerald weed buoyed up in the stream and then , in July , a snow in summer of glistening white flowers , which spill over the water in a way that seems to spell out the brief abundance of midsummer .
18 I attend the Assembly as a Member of this House and I should like the opportunity to report back to the House , during a proper debate , on what I am doing in the Council of Europe .
19 But on this day , an unusually cloudless Sunday late in October , I had travelled from Cornwall ; the train was two hours late , and I rushed , humping my case , past the mute crowds gazing up at the information board , towards the taxi rank .
20 The words which I have read are plain : it was Mr. Vanbergen who said he was going down to Eastbourne , that he was going down as part of his business , and that he did not think he would be getting back after his business on Thursday in time to pay it on Thursday , and the concession arose out of the question whether or not the debtor could be back in town in time to bring it himself , because he frankly said he was trying to get a little more time .
21 By nine that morning they were parked on a side-street off Tottenham Court Road , Bodie at the wheel of the Capri , Doyle slouched down in the passenger seat , idly , almost cursorily , watching the heavy flow of traffic up towards Warren Street .
22 Foreign imports into Britain continued to grow rapidly in the 1970s and 1980s while UK exports of manufactures levelled off from the late 1970s , making the UK a net importer of manufactured goods for the first time in the long history we have described ( Figure 2.1 ) .
23 The Acts of Parliament , although applying to Scotland , use the English spelling , as do the various forms laid down in the Acts in connection with the representation at Westminster .
24 However , the Court had also held in Case 362/90 , d'Urso , [ 1990 ] 1 ECR 4105 that a collective decision to contract out of the Directive was not binding on individual employees who wish subsequently to transfer .
25 The story got about over the years that his lectures were very obscure .
26 Notes spilled out of the money drawer .
27 Quacking and complaining , the ducks hopped back into the water and swam away .
28 William gazed out of the window as they drove through what used to be called The Village and was now just another suburban shopping centre .
29 The massive shoulders and chest tapered down to the lean cowboy hips and long legs .
30 The wind was blowing hard at the Highlanders ' faces , according to the literature given out at the Culloden Visitors ' Centre , and the two armies were in position at one o'clock , approximately four to five hundred yards apart .
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