Example sentences of "[noun] [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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31 Tony Smith 's ( non-flying ) Flying Flea lines up with the C100 below to make a pair of early private pilot machines .
32 My eyes shut , I could see that napkin fluttering down through the mushroom cloud .
33 Muir , omitted from the event last year after an administrative error , needed just 15 ends to help heal the wounds as he sent New Zealand 's Gary Lawson tumbling out of the championship .
34 The case arose out of the Executive Agreement concluded between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran which led to the eventual release of the hostages detained in Tehran from November 1979 to January 1981 .
35 When Sarah got back to the attic bedroom in Newcastle Place the first thing she did was open the window , letting in damp , wintry air .
36 She loved the hot stews that Minton produced out of the oven when they returned from the pub .
37 Sandblasting of the Great Slab area at Stanage to remove graffiti painted on over the August bank holiday has had the beneficial side effect of totally cleaning the afflicted area of chalk and rubber marks , and has also increased the friction .
38 Some geezer got down into the tunnels and found his way out . ’
39 This winsome description fits in with the descriptions of the messianic age in the book of Isaiah , with the wolf lying down with the lamb , the lion and the ox eating straw together , and the little child playing happily and fearlessly with them and even putting its little hand unhurt into the hole of the poisonous viper .
40 Our sympathy goes out to the player and his family . ’
41 In another account of youth work , Hubert Secretan rehearsed the same complaint : ‘ Every boy 's sympathy goes out to the lithe and resourceful crook …
42 ‘ My sympathy goes out to the people of Gateshead who have suffered a similarly sickening attack and I believe the government must now ensure that there is a positive and rapid response to meet the concerns of local residents . ’
43 Moreover , the examples Couturier gives are of multiple discrete points of view carefully distinguished within the novels in question ( The Sound and the Fury , Pale Fire ) , whereas the mutable point of view employed in Verbivore is a technique developed out of the possibilities inherent in print , but moving toward the mutability of cybernetic text .
44 The trail goes on along the side of Snidley Moor , on around the base of Alvanley Cliff and by Simmonds Hill , Manley .
45 The driver got down from the cab and walked slowly down the platform and disappeared through a solid wooden door .
46 ‘ When the woman driver got out of the car she went to intervene between the two men .
47 The driver got out of the car .
48 Clint : ‘ I think each existence rubs off on the other .
49 We are very willing to accept that those parts of the judges ' visitorial jurisdiction which were not incident to the administration of justice in the courts passed down through the routes suggested by Sir William and Professor Baker , but in the context of the present case , where the court has for the first time to inquire into the particular function which is being performed , we are not satisfied that the whole of the visitorial jurisdiction passed by this route .
50 You will be taught about hazards both in the classroom and on the wards and should always adhere to procedures and policies laid down for the safety of patients and yourself .
51 The district council claim that unauthorised use of the farm shop for the sale of goods not produced within the farm holding is not a use ancillary to agricultural use , and is contrary to policies laid down by the district local plan .
52 Essentially , it had a directing and supervisory role , ensuring that the policies laid down by the Politburo were known and vigorously pursued at all levels .
53 It emphasized that many people considered that direct contact between boards and course teams was ‘ one of the most valued aspects of the Council 's operation ’ , and the Council concurred with this view as long as boards worked within the policies laid down by the committees .
54 Then he pulled down the oven door , smelt the sweet , fatty smell of the meat and knew that it was probably this very fact that accounted for his decision to go through with the business .
55 Blair crept down to the bank whilst I rehearsed various reasons to explain why he had not caught the trout : lack of experience , bad casting technique .
56 ( WES ) Almost all the club 's riders have refused to agree to new pay scales laid down by the sport 's governing body .
57 There was a low-slung sofa with a faded loose cover ; a rocking-chair with canvas strips hanging out of the bottom ; and a broad oak table on metal castors .
58 Whether this chairman goes along with the president or not may turn on many factors , but bargaining is very likely to play a part .
59 ‘ John saw Ivor Horfitz 's son Jason hanging around outside the weighing-room at Newmarket yesterday and had a word with him . ’
60 As Ian Macdonald points out in The New Immigration Law ( Butterworths , 1972 ) :
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