Example sentences of "[pron] [adv] [verb] [det] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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91 I soon met another neighbour of Sir Henry 's .
92 When I was in prison I was n't hard to start with , but I soon got that way .
93 I soon needed that advice .
94 The BBC and I finally bade each other goodnight at 6.30 , with what seemed to be a good day 's work on the cassettes .
95 My wife and I finally decided that moving would be the answer .
96 All action was now impossible , but my brain seemed abnormally clear ; and with a full comprehension of my awful fate , I finally lost all consciousness .
97 Well then I I fucking spun this bottle .
98 It was no goddam accident , no goddam mechanical failure , someone deliberately unhitched that car .
99 We clung to each other , the only time I ever remember this happening .
100 In those days , if you stuck an advert for the cinema in your window , you got free tickets , and long before I ever understood any kind of plot , we 'd all troop down to the local flea pit and watch whatever was showing .
101 ‘ I ca n't remember that I ever saw that page . ’
102 I think he just well they 've got pots of money between them why should I ever do any work ?
103 In the seven years we lived there , only once did I ever meet another fisherman on my favourite part of the river ; and over the years I came to know the South Tyne and its wildlife as well as Mole or Rat in Wind and the Willows ever knew their water .
104 The first time I ever spent any time with Jackie was also my baptism into driving around a circuit fast .
105 Finally , he showed me off the premises with the injunction , accompanied by a theatrical wink , that I should get straight on to him if I ever had any bother .
106 Struggling to control his temper ( he could probably have flattened his co-star ) , Wayne replied ‘ If I ever take another ad , I 'll remember that , Richard . ’
107 How can I ever make that thing stay upright ? you ask yourself .
108 Have I ever found any fault with Thee ?
109 and whilst , when I was in hospital I always had that feeling that I 'd love to hear the water lapping on a beach , you know and
110 ‘ Anyway , ’ he went on , trying to find excuses for himself , ‘ I reckon I always had some sort of imminence because I 'd feel a hunch rolling up inside me like a breaker on the ocean and I 'd just know what was going to win .
111 I always had this thing in the back of my mind that I 'd like to be Head Gardener at Killerton one day , because of the type of garden it is , because of its size and because of the plant content .
112 I always use this kind of music as part of the test sequence ; here it had an extraordinary naturalness , a quite seamless integration from bass to soprano , which one immediately recognises as true .
113 And I think you 'll agree , it is a difficult I mean I always stress this point about attitude , that a lot of problems that we get in our advice centres have been made worse because the customer has caused er you know argument or a scene
114 ‘ When I 'm going to knock anybody off , I always borrow another gun from the guy next door .
115 Personally I like to keep things as simple as possible , so I always relate this concept to the relative major key even if I 'm dealing with a song which is in a minor key .
116 I always thought that green a very pretty colour .
117 I always relished this sight , which closely resembled the fantasies I had harboured at school , a gang of jocks and bullies tormented by a puny swot .
118 yeah , these might tell you but I always heard that salt was damp !
119 I always have enough money . ’
120 I always held that view and did all I could to press for an election before Christmas in order that we might get a majority large enough to stand the racket . "
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