Example sentences of "[pron] [adv] [verb] [det] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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61 What , there be no kids off granted , but other countries go , we 'll see start looking round the beginning of June if your dad wants to go , there was , I just noticed this morning coming passed the erm , I think it was the Co-op or the one next door , a week in Ibiza , twenty sixth of April , self catering , a hundred and twenty four pounds , that 's the day you go , that 's the week you go back to school , you
62 I find her very disturbing ; I just wanted some company and to talk .
63 I just wanted some company ,
64 I just need some information . ’
65 I just rented some protection . ’
66 I just have that feeling , as I have done all season , that honours could be coming Villa 's way if we continue to play powerful , punishing football .
67 I just have that feeling — this is the end of the line .
68 I 've never even managed to get through a job interview , even if it 's a woman doing the interviewing ; I just have this feeling that she is looking at me and judging me for all the wrong reasons .
69 I just have this feeling ’ , he said slowly , ‘ that my instructions were changed half-way . ’
70 I just did some checking , that 's all . ’
71 I just missed that wedding .
72 might I just say this darling cos I 've just remembered , I 'll forget senile you see ?
73 Thought I just called that Silk Screen did n't I ?
74 I got a stupid feeling I just moved that pawn again .
75 Shall I just pop that back out ?
76 ‘ These people got abusive because we would n't take their drugs so I just grabbed this bag of s*** and poured it over the floor .
77 I just tidy this end up
78 I just fancied I know , but I just fancied some custard
79 I just want that stuff out of my house . ’
80 I just want some help with these , writing these forms and target setting .
81 I just want some shampoo and so on . ’
82 I just want some time to myself , ’ she repeated calmly .
83 I just dismiss that sort of talk .
84 I just love that guitar to death .
85 watch this till about I normally watch this till about two .
86 Of course , I already had some experience with the various falconers ' knots and changing jesses with a bird perched on my fist , but poor old Derek got himself a bit tied up .
87 The picture could be executed by a company called Scanachrome in which I already had some interest and it seemed like a good opportunity to get involved with the process .
88 I already used this office occasionally . ’
89 Do I already have some suspicion that one day it is going to be removed from the records and scattered , perhaps vanish altogether ?
90 I ALREADY reviewed this back in July but now that it 's finally been given a British release ‘ Perfect Day ’ will , in time , be seen as a perfect moment from MFS 's classic period , alongside excursions from Cosmic Baby , Microglobe and Mind Gear .
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