Example sentences of "have a " in BNC.

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31 Anyone who thinks Claire is sincere must have a brain smaller than a mouse dropping .
32 I do n't see why we ca n't have a proper meal after a do .
33 ‘ The foreign gentleman wo n't have a notion how things are done below stairs .
34 I can see that I may have a little difficulty explaining this first part of my story , especially to anyone not acquainted with the often bizarre rituals of academic life .
35 We 'll have a look round in here . ’
36 Look , I 've brought you some things so you can have a cuppa on me .
37 ‘ She comes in first thing , but steer clear until about nine o'clock so I can have a chance to explain things . ’
38 I think we 'd better have a talk .
39 ‘ You might have a point here somewhere .
40 I 've had another word with Personnel and they say that even though I ca n't have any more full-timers , I can have a part-timer to help me with making the sandwiches in the morning and clearing up last thing at night .
41 Listen , you sit down , I 'll get a couple of coffees and we 'll have a chat , OK ? ’
42 The following morning I worked as usual and then asked Kathleen if I could have a couple of days off .
43 Kathleen , absolute brick to the end , has let me keep my season ticket for London so I 've still been able to pop down there during the day when I feel like it — and the rail staff at Colchester have been quite happy to let me have a break in my journey .
44 ‘ People do have a fascination with that , do n't they ?
45 This is because if there is a person on both wing-tips , neither may have a good grip .
46 If the basic training is being done on a Falke , or on any other type of glider fitted with simple spoilers or airbrakes which do not have a lock , the differences must be explained .
47 If the main wheel is further forward , the glider will have a stronger tendency to weathercock than in the air , and the rudder will be even less effective at preventing this .
48 However , some gliders do have a definite change in both speed and characteristics .
49 You need to be ‘ with it ’ , because you can never guarantee that you wo n't have a launch failure or end up in a field instead of back where you started .
50 You may also have a dry irritating cough , a sore throat and a runny , itchy nose .
51 Every area will have a Relate office for advice on marriage and partnerships .
52 Choose a builder carefully — your Environmental Health Department may have a list to help you .
53 They can have a seat on which you can travel facing sideways , or facing to the front ; a platform on which you can stand , or a platform on which a wheelchair will travel .
54 Lifts also should have a micro sensitive pad at the bottom which means the lift will cut out and stop the moment it touches or lands on anything .
55 Remember the work will need to be supported by the Social Services Occupational Therapist and you will have a test of resources .
56 This troublesome invisibility in the material record is often inversely related to its semantic value , and activity which may well have a central place in the police model of reality can well remain beyond the grasp of the outsider .
57 the participant observer does have a problem of subjectivity .
58 ‘ In fact , do come and have a seat , ’ said Jay .
59 She and Lucy would have a drink after work on Fridays , sometimes an early supper , a few hours to unwind : a pattern pleasing to both .
60 He took it all for granted , and would never have a clue just how blessed he was .
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