Example sentences of "have a " in BNC.

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1 — Why not have a clear out ?
2 If I ca n't take him he will have a two-hour wait for an ambulance .
3 Once accused of capital murder , the defendant will almost certainly have a problem finding an attorney .
4 A personal friend of an artist may have a real advantage in writing criticism , as he may learn about artistic intentions which are not explained to others .
5 The Aztecs did not have a term for ‘ fine arts ’ , nor did they speculate about aesthetics , nor make objects to be contemplated for their beauty alone .
6 A small gallery may have space to show work in only one medium ; this may have a distorting effect on the activity of the group as a whole or of versatile individuals .
7 We do not know her name , though it is unlikely that the sculptor did not have a model .
8 To say this is not the same as complaining of his acknowledgement that poor people can have a good time .
9 If you were to tell me that there are people , like the man upstairs to whom you now threaten to turn yourself in , who actually do have a strong sense of themselves , I would have to tell you that they are only impersonating people with a strong sense of themselves — to which you could correctly reply that since there is no way of proving whether I 'm right or not , this is a circular argument from which there is no escape .
10 New faces are arriving all the time and in some cases actors make a quick start with a first job or they may have a relatively long wait before they get off the mark .
11 Do you have a preference for classical acting or the modern theatre at the moment ?
12 They should have a provisional card for Equity at the beginning of their career .
13 But you do have a right to be there and to be heard .
14 If I were told to-morrow , ‘ You can have a united Ireland if you give up your idea of restoring the national language to be the spoken language of the majority of the people ’ , I would , for myself , say no .
15 It is quite clear that Rome did not have a policy on catholic schooling at this time , and certainly not one requiring attendance at such schools as a religious duty .
16 Schools can not have a real effect on children 's basic values because these have been instilled earlier by the process of primary socialization in the home and in the wider social community .
17 Does it have a sense of four legs , of the function of the surface ?
18 You do n't have a family to think about of course , he said .
19 He was putting on his heavy overcoat , asked again casually if he could have a look at the glass .
20 Having appealed against East Herts ' refusal of listed building consent , they withdrew from a public inquiry at a late stage after their intended expert witness informed them that they did not have a strong enough case .
21 A US government decision to ban its employees from using hotels which do not have adequate fire protection by 1996 could have a knock-on effect in Britain .
22 UK Fire Certificates might say hotels must have a warning system but might not specify the means , Mr Kidd said .
23 Assistant head of the hotel school , John Staples , adds : ‘ They wo n't be experts but they 'll have a good understanding of what it 's all about .
24 Larger hotels may have a ball-burnisher , which is a rotating drum containing tiny ball-bearings , water and a corrosion inhibitor .
25 A good sommelier or restaurant manager can persuade the customer to choose a super bottle of wine which offers marvellous value and drinks perfectly , rather than just a grand name in a superlative vintage which , inevitably , will have a premium attached to it .
26 ‘ In another location I would probably have a full dining room every night , but that is only a part of what is important to me .
27 La Fenière does n't have a Michelin star , though it rates 16/20 in the Gault & Millau guide .
28 We 'll have a go . ’
29 ‘ Could I have a pair of boots ? ’
30 I could give them the key to Father 's safe and they 'd be so grateful they 'd have a pair of boots made specially for me .
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