Example sentences of "reply [pron] " in BNC.

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61 In his reply he defines Truth as ‘ What the voice within tells you ’ .
62 ‘ Pray tell Dr Heatherton that I called , ’ he said , but all the reply he received was the same cold , formal bow the daughter had made .
63 Without waiting for a reply he crossed the room .
64 As Martin whispered his reply he raised his head slightly above the hedge and peered into the field , where now he could distinctly make out the hen crees and the dark blobs of the sheep .
65 But the publisher 's favourite remains the first reply he received .
66 If Father Barnes took it into his head to ring and got no reply he 'd probably come round to see if Berowne was all right .
67 In the reply he is not allowed to introduce any new matter and must confine himself to replying to the points made in the discussion and to summarising the main arguments he put forward when moving the motion .
68 When Denis made no reply he asked again : ‘ Are you all right ?
69 When there was no reply he went on : ‘ Then I shall ask Father McGiff to propose a vote of thanks to the speaker . ’
70 ‘ I 'm going for a walk , ’ Roman said abruptly as they left the dining-room , and without waiting for a reply he left her standing by the lifts .
71 Alex ! ’ he cried out , not knowing what reply he expected .
72 In an earlier reply he suggested that in Northern Ireland , those who wanted to volunteer for the Territorial Army Volunteer Reserve could volunteer for some other service .
73 I would bet you any money that by the time you receive this reply your pool will have cleared of its own accord .
74 If I get 100 's of replies I will have to send them to the list anyway .
75 This conclusion is supported by the replies which Michael Müller-Claudius , formerly a psychologist , received to his unique , camouflaged small sample of opinion of sixty-one Party members ( all of whom had joined either the NSDAP or the Hitler Youth before 1933 ) in 1942 .
76 Or when Tom says , ‘ My teacher made me stay in today ’ , parents would do well to resist the temptation to answer , ‘ Now what have you done ? ’ , or ‘ I suppose you deserved it ’ , replies which would have inflamed his feelings .
77 Under the first few sample questions are guidelines to help you understand what the interviewer is hoping to find out so that you can construct replies which show why you are the candidate who should get the job .
78 As with other verbal games the child must type in the sentences correctly spelled and has to read the replies which , for the most part , will be in standard English .
79 Too many customers wait too long for replies to their complaint — replies which in too many cases are badly written and do not deal with all aspects of the complaint .
80 Reagan gave replies which were videotaped to 159 questions put to him by the lawyers of his former National Security Adviser , Rear Admiral John Poindexter , whose trial was due to open in Washington DC on March 5 .
81 Since the Survey 's seventh question asked visitors to comment on the exhibitions which they had seen on the day of their visit , it was possible , by noting the number of replies which related to each of the three exhibitions , to discover the number of visitors attracted by each exhibition , whatever their assessment of it .
82 Is that all the replies you got ?
83 As soon as you receive replies to requisitions , you should be in a position to prepare a report on title for any mortgagee for whom you act , as is commonly required by any but a private mortgagee ; you ca n't usually do so before , because until you have had satisfactory replies you ca n't certify that the title is good .
84 It is n't enough to make searches ; you must deal intelligently and adequately with the replies you receive .
85 There seems to be no end to the possible replies we could receive and the job of categorizing them seems a nightmare .
86 Sadly , we have n't the manpower to check on the honesty of the replies we get .
87 Here are two of the replies we received .
88 When I first asked wh how many replies we 'd had er I was quite pleased that we have n't had many because it , it shows that people read it , or may not have read it
89 When they gave their replies there was a powerful feeling in the room .
90 It 's a very long struggle for decent wages erm recognition at work , the same kind of jobs that men have erm it 's interesting the results of the Guardian survey yesterday , ten thousand replies they had , and there were a tiny percentage of women that earned over thirty thousand , so you could see that many , many of the job tops are still in the hands of men .
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