Example sentences of "reply [pron] " in BNC.

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31 This produced a reply which I am sure was wholly deserved ( though I can not remember the essay ) , as were his comments on an earlier submission .
32 Rob 's party , and Richard Stirling 's mention of Elise … and Luke 's terse reply which effectively forbade further talk on the subject .
33 Opposition Members will obviously be disappointed at the Minister 's reply which is characterised by his usual laid-back approach to the matter .
34 I am grateful to my right hon. and learned Friend for that reply which shows that the programme for road improvements not only increases traffic flows and reduces congestion but makes a direct and positive contribution to the reduction of road casualties .
35 Yesterday Mr McGahon released her reply which stated : ‘ The issuing of such statements is a long-time irritant to the law-abiding citizens of the State . ’
36 But from the nature of the reply which came from his private office , it was clear that he wanted a personal talk .
37 To this the Queen returned a gracious reply which while maintaining the full impartiality of the Crown encouraged me to continue to do my best to serve her as her First Minister .
38 There was a touch of desperation in her reply which she knew he heard , but surprisingly he made no attempt to mock her , or force her into giving him any more reasons .
39 A slow over rate left just 40 overs for Normanby 's reply which was 130–5 , Geoff Robinson scoring 54 not out .
40 Any reply which costs more than £450 to prepare or obtain information for , will be rejected .
41 He had used the same reply himself on occasion .
42 If you are still unhappy with the reply you receive you can obtain independent local advice from a Post Office Advisory Committee , whose address can be obtained at your local Customer Care Unit , or by phoning the Parcelforce National Enquiry Centre on 0800 22 44 66 .
43 If you are still unhappy with the reply you receive you can obtain local advice from a Post Office Advisory Committee , whose address is in the Post Guide booklet .
44 If you are not yet sure of your reply you should clear both fields and TAB to the next task mail message or leave the option .
45 That 's the that 's the reply you can get .
46 But before the decision had been made Wilson was astonished to receive the speediest reply she had ever had from Ellen and quite the longest .
47 In reply she always received an acknowledgement but rarely more unless Penini wrote .
48 Receiving no reply she disappeared , waving vaguely .
49 However , I was disappointed at the reply she gave to my questions at a public open meeting held on April 7th , when I suggested that following many and varied discussions in different regions of the country , there was extreme concern in the non-action by the government in the matter of the vast difference in the value of imports from different countries , in particular Japan , as against the value of the imports they take from this country .
50 That was not the reply she had expected .
51 Beatrice Webb signed the Appeal , although as she recorded in her diary for 1889 , she was impressed by a reply she received from a woman who complained that her lodger could vote but she could not , and that while she could vote for her parish council and her local Poor Law Guardians , she could not do so for an MP .
52 This was the reply she received :
53 Her brow lifted , and when Lissa made no reply she smiled dismissively , and stood up , her body long and graceful , the linen suit emphasising her willowy perfection .
54 Soon after England began their reply there was a bad-light hold-up — probably unnecessary if they had all been wearing Bolle ‘ lifter ’ lenses — and upon resumption , Gooch and Stewart had to brace themselves against a torrid onslaught from Waqar , menace in every step of his run-up , and Akram , who bounded in and flung down something resembling Ivanisevic 's curving left-handed tennis serve , if only 30mph or so less swift .
55 It is my understanding from the reply there 's a fairly clear statement there that that was done erm I indeed have a copy of the principal briefing paper which the Director prepared for the panel , Chairman it outlined the background to the structure plan review , it referred to the previously approved structure plans , copies of which were appended to the briefing paper .
56 If you honour me with a reply it will be in kind ; and then , God defend the right ! ’
57 If there 's no reply it 's a sign , it means I have to manage on my own .
58 This is my second letter and it serves notice that should it provoke no reply it will be followed to Keswick by its author , bent on meeting his old and gallant friend Colonel Hope , who he had heard was passing through those parts for a short while to expedite some business before moving on to another country . ’
59 When Manuel gave his reply he would often just say , ‘ Yes ! ’
60 He nodded at the reply he heard , took off the headset and gave it to me .
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