Example sentences of "[noun] from all over the " in BNC.

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91 ‘ 63 teams from all over the UK took part , and it was clear that many had been training for months .
92 Golfing correspondents and television teams from all over the world were already assembling .
93 Oxford has started a new league : there are sixteen teams from all over the country competing , apart from the cycos there are the London Loonies , the Molesey Maniacs : its a whole new ball game .
94 PTA spokesman Gerry Lynch predicted it would be a spectacular event , involving teams from all over the area .
95 Teams from all over the country who had life-saving heart and heart-lung transplants will compete in the National Transplant Volleyball Tournament at Bootle Sports Centre .
96 But a competition has taken place that proved them wrong.Teams from all over the country battled against the clock to change tyres at Silverstone race circuit .
97 Hi-volt Capacitors , which manufactures high voltage equipment , will accompany 19 other businesses from all over the province , on the Industrial Development Board trade mission to the four main markets in Scandinavia .
98 Some 16 town criers from all over the country , including the world 's loudest , will be competing for the trophy .
99 Like the ornithologist who has to reach an impossibly remote island by a certain day in the rainy season only to find it overflowing with ornithologists from all over the world choking the woodland tracks with cameras and tripods , trying to catch a fleeting glimpse of a small bird as it hops about in the dripping undergrowth .
100 Musical families from all over the borough formed the brass band .
101 Does it really contain ‘ the most amazing , precious and thrilling things from all over the world ’ ?
102 I show the snippet to Tony and the resulting peals of laughter from the pair of us bring disapproving stares from all over the plane .
103 Huge chrome and glass complexes open seven days a week sell goods from all over the globe , often cheaper than in their country of origin .
104 Minpins from all over the forest had flown in on their birds to cheer the young hero , and all the branches and twigs of the great tree were crowded with tiny people .
105 Top breeders from all over the country joined local pigeon fanciers in donating young birds for the sales .
106 Travel and feature writers from all over the world had stayed in Crystal Springs , going back to their desks to write for the Most part glowing reports .
107 Dog owners from all over the country have been showing their appreciation for what they claim is the most royal of breeds .
108 Owners from all over the NorthEast are taking the lead from Studion 81 , in Arden Street , where free dog portraits are being entered into a lucrative competition .
109 Currency reform was ‘ essential ’ , said a resolution adopted after a protest here last week of trade unionists from all over the Russian Federated Republic .
110 Lentils coming from Ethiopia , you get wheat from the States , rice from the States , ap apples from France , tea from India , coffee from Brazil and Columbia , sugar from the Windward Islands , bananas from all over the place , you know those are the things that keep us alive , no , you know , whether we one think they are or not , but I mean them things are what keeps the economy alive for one , it 's also what keeps us personally alive if you do n't know why we take an interest in Third World issues , I would say that it 's that , we 're dependent on these countries , we could produce enough foods for our own needs , but we would n't have oranges , coffee , tea , sugar , you know cos we ca n't grow them in this country we , we really depend on those things to stay alive , and for that reason alone we should have some kind of interest , if you went to Kenya for example they would be staggered at how little you know about their country given how much they know about yours they know a lot about this country , a lot of it is a bit loopy , but then what you know about their country is probably a bit off centre as well , and you know I hope that this is something that we 're reversing in this section , our perceptions of the Third World or the south or whatever we choose to call it , colour a lot of the things that we think and do and say and it increases the amount of racism that there is around us all , all those kind of things , erm and I think that it is really important to look at what a perception is , you know , for example what 's your perception of this ?
111 Subsequently this area , particularly the Assynt district , became a Mecca for visiting geologists from all over the world .
112 Throughout the house , the Basses have used a traditional country style , but also taken inspiration from all over the world .
113 But as soon as you step inside the door , you can see it 's something different — with ideas and inspiration from all over the world .
114 And then there 's this technician or something here and they ask me to breathe in helium from a mask and make me repeat some of the things gorilla man said on the video so I feel like I 'm becoming him they 're trying to make me him ; I do n't think I sound the same as the guy on the brain-snuff video but fuck knows what they think there are too many to know what the fuck they think ; loads of them , officers from all over the fucking place with different accents , London , Midlands , Welsh , Scottish , elsewhere , God knows , it 's not just Flavell and McDunn though I still see them now and again especially McDunn who looks at me kind of weird most of the time like he ca n't really believe it was me did all these things and I get this bizarre feeling that he thinks I 'm kind of pathetic I mean that in a grudging , still-determined-to-bust-the-fucker way he actually has more respect for gorilla man than he does for me because I 've just gone to pieces under the questions and the things they put in my head with those photographs and that video ( ha which means gorilla man has already put stuff into my head , already has fucked my brains , filling my head with the idea of that , the vision , the meme of that ) and I thought I was some tough cookie but I was wrong I 'm just a dunked digestive baby I 'm soft I 'm flopping I 'm disintegrating and that 's why unless I 'm the best fucking actor he 's ever seen McDunn ca n't accept I was capable of the things gorilla man did , yet so much of the evidence , especially the dates and times that sort of stuff , points at me not to mention that piece of TV-crit I did that reads like a hit-list now .
115 To meet the growing demand for bigger and better bangs they import their fireworks from all over the world .
116 Sandling fireworks , based at Staverton , import fireworks from all over the world .
117 Join them as they sample wines from all over the world at 12.30pm and 7.30pm on March 21 ; 12.30pm and 6.30pm on March 22 and March 23 .
118 Evidence from all over the world suggests that women have all the gifts needed to be effective and caring priests : to bring the love of Christ to those who do not know him and to be enablers of others .
119 It 's well-written , informative , full of on-the-spot reports and case studies from all over the world — though somewhat eclectic politically ( however , many would consider this a point in its favour ) .
120 Hay now attracts customers from all over the world .
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