Example sentences of "[noun] from all over the " in BNC.

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61 Plus collectable ranges of Tribal and Village needlework , embroidery and silk from all over the world .
62 Plus collectable ranges of Tribal and Village needlework , embroidery and silk from all over the world .
63 Buyers from all over the country have been attending the first of the annual auctions of holly and mistletoe .
64 There was a heap of sales catalogues from all over the world to be sifted through , magazines to be trawled for items of interest …
65 Foster carers and social workers from all over the province were attending the two day event , organised by the Northern Ireland Foster Care Association and Loughside foster carers groups .
66 Fishermen from all over the Community have been arguing the same case — that the commission has to look after its own — and the council of ministers has singularly failed to do so . ’
67 London was the great magnet , the one place that continued to attract immigrants from all over the country , not just the poor but people from all classes of society .
68 But in front of 3,000 guests from all over the world , and an astonishing 500 million television viewers , Millstreet did the country proud .
69 The national show of alpine and rock garden plants attracted 60-plus exhibitors and more than 600 guests from all over the country to the James Finegan Hall in Eston , Middlesbrough .
70 Yesterday 's contest in London was the final competition faced by piped bands from all over the United Kingdom .
71 Dealers from all over the UK will be there and it sounds like a historians .
72 The police operation codenamed Lightbulb was targeted at drug pushers who have built up trade worth hundreds of thousands of pounds and who attract dealers from all over the North-west .
73 Keith Hayes , treasurer of Middlesbrough and District Philatelic Society , which hosted this year 's convention , said it had attracted dealers from all over the North from the Tweed to the Humber .
74 Workers flocked to Middlesborough from all over the place ; according to the 1871 census nearly half the town 's population were born outside Yorkshire .
75 The School is an international body whose past and present members include nationals from all over the globe .
76 The Emperor 's army is large and diverse , including troops from all over the Empire and beyond .
77 ‘ We listened to more than five thousand tapes from all over the world , ’ gravely announced Armand Schaudroeck , president of The House Of Guitars in Rochester , New York , ‘ and Harry is simply the worst player we 've ever heard .
78 The ornamental gardens , now being restored to their former glory , were once amongst the finest in England and were the pride and joy of Christopher Hatton IV , who gathered many rare plants from all over the world .
79 Organised by the Department of Communication and Publication of the National Council of Churches ( NCC ) in Bangladesh , and supported by WACC , the ecumenical workshop brought together around 35 writers , publishers and booksellers from all over the country .
80 Range of calendars ( five different sizes , £8.95 to £16.95 ) , diaries , cards and postcards sourced from museums , art galleries and photographic collections from all over the world , including Fine Art , Animals , Children , Design , Environment , Ethnic and Third World , Film , Gardens , Literature , Music , Photography and Sport
81 The demonstrations began on March 7 , when 200 women representing organisations from all over the West Bank and Gaza held a sit-in at the Red Cross offices in East Jerusalem .
82 If newspapers had been available when marauding hordes from all over the continent were ravaging our land , the people who had managed to settle in one spot for three or four generations would be complaining bitterly that the Angles , Saxons , Jutes , Danes , Romans , Vikings , etc were overrunning the traditions of the island .
83 The Workshop was attended by about 25 participants from all over the country , as well as by about 20 Rajasthani college and university teachers of English .
84 Another reason why discerning individuals from all over the world continue to prefer Hilton International .
85 I mean to be frank I hear this charge from all over the country .
86 The days are a constant avalanche of meetings on human rights cries in various countries , detailed briefings for appointments with ambassadors , and working sessions with Amnesty International members and delegates from all over the world .
87 Railways and steamships brought delegates from all over the country to the chosen centre each year , and also brought foreign visitors , giving an international flavour to the occasion .
88 Two thousand people representing 86 teams from all over the world gathered together for a week 's fun , friendship and fraternity .
89 A Boys Brigade team from Stirling beat over 100 teams from all over the country to win the 1991 West Lowland Hike .
90 Chris Bonington said ‘ This year we are hoping to attract teams from all over the country to an event that we believe to be a great way of linking people here with the millions still suffering from probably the world 's most disabling disease . ’
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