Example sentences of "give you " in BNC.

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1 I 'll give ya a chance .
2 What do they give ya ?
3 yeah , oh I 'll give ya the rest of them there are
4 can give ya , so that you can sleep
5 ‘ Must give ye the question ! ’ he grinned sheepishly and staggered back a step .
6 ‘ Here , Da , I 'll give ye a hand . ’
7 ‘ Will I give ye a jail crop , son ? ’ he usually said , and he would grin and wink at my Ma .
8 ‘ I 'll give ye three . ’
9 ‘ What did she give ye ? ’
10 They ca n't give you a purpose or meaning in life .
11 Using the ‘ Deposited Covenant ’ procedure you can pay over the whole of the donation in one go , and we can give you full details of how to do this .
12 Care would be needed with the wording used in any such scheme and ACET can give you more details about this .
13 The drama school will give you some advice on when and where to write to , and how you organise your letters , but outside advice is very important in helping you to see yourself in perspective .
14 Look , you do n't need to worry about it — at your age the council will give you something if you ca n't find anything yourself …
15 ‘ Will you let us give you a hand with your bags , Dot ? ’
16 The thing that I 'd like to do and that I really wish I could do is give you a job here but Personnel have said I 'm already fully staffed . ’
17 ‘ They can give you a flat , girl .
18 Did they give you any at the shelter ? ’
19 When I 've found out when she can come and give me a hand , I 'll give you a ring . ’
20 Long narrow plots often adjoin older properties and this can give you the opportunity of working existing trees and shrubs into the new design .
21 Here are six plants which will give you a delightful blend of pink , purple and rich cream .
22 You do not need a complete conventional circuit with a long downwind leg , although this will obviously give you more time in which to have a better look at the field .
23 Honing your skills like this is very enjoyable and will give you confidence if you ever have to land along a very narrow line such as a pathway .
24 The ‘ Maker 's Handbook ’ , although sometimes written in somewhat basic English , will give you an idea of the flying characteristics and flight limitations .
25 If you live in a house , one alarm fitted above the bottom of the staircase will give you some protection , but you can be better protected by fixing another alarm on the upstairs landing .
26 This can give you the earliest possible warning , especially important if you live in a big house .
27 Only one quick injection is necessary to help give you the protection you may need from flu .
28 The doctor will also give you a thorough health check , and talk to you about where to have your baby , and how to look after yourself until the birth .
29 If the blood test shows you are not immune , one injection will give you the protection you need .
30 To soothe the discomfort , if the thrush is severe , your doctor might give you pessaries — pills you put directly in the vagina — or cream .
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