Example sentences of "give you " in BNC.

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31 the Helpline will also give you details of the telephone advice services available in various ethnic minority languages .
32 Although the health services outlined in this book can give you vital help and treatment , you need to help yourself as well , by taking care of what you do and eat .
33 If a builder has already worked with you to obtain the above , he will also give you an estimate for the work .
34 Oh , darling , she pledged , let me love you , and I will never give you pain !
35 And I do not give you permission to fling yourself at her feet , grab her hands and weep into her palms .
36 The national coach will give you some sequences to practise and these usually illustrate some theme that he wants you to work on .
37 And Moses said , This shall be , when the Lord shall give you in the evening flesh to eat , and in the morning bread to the full ; for that the Lord heareth your murmurings , which ye murmur against him : and what are we ? your murmurings are not against us , but against the Lord . ’
38 ‘ I could give you a call next Friday .
39 I could give you a blow-by-blow account of how England lost to Portugal the other night .
40 This will give you your average daily calorie intake .
41 Subtract the third reading from the second , which will generally give you a value between 0 and 50 , This is the value which indicates your fitness .
42 I will give you an example of why I have come to that conclusion .
43 If this happens , he will give you written information about what has been done , and where you can get advice or assistance .
44 If you are disabled , the Social Services Department can give you gadgets to enable you to operate various appliances .
45 If you are having a problem coping at home , you should first get in touch with your local social services department , or your family doctor , to see if they can give you some advice or support .
46 Task lighting must be combined with general lighting — on its own , it could give you eyestrain .
47 This is the cheaper option , but does not generally give you a great deal of choice in terms of design , features or finish .
48 The illuminated versions can be handy if sited near the keyhole — they will probably give you just enough light to stop you fumbling in the dark with your key .
49 He added : ‘ At this stage I ca n't give you any indication of what level the toll might be … it depends on the amount of interest from industry and commerce . ’
50 I can not give you a firm promise that this is the turning point .
51 If you do that , 92p should give you not a punnet but a bucketful .
52 How do you happen to have a stall when the organisers did n't give you permission ? ’
53 ‘ The precise scale you ca n't quantify , but I can give you the parameters .
54 Of the film 's religious imagery , he says : ‘ We talked about the Fifty-First psalm ( which is sung by one of the kitchen boys ) ; it does n't give you many clues , but I was reading it again this morning and it started making more sense .
55 I 'll give you a shout in two hours ’ time . ’
56 Scouse would give you time and date according to information supplied to him by his previous customers .
57 Employees must give you their NI number when you ask for it .
58 they must normally give you notice in person .
59 ‘ Show me the results in advance , ’ says the barbarian state , ‘ and then I will give you money .
60 ‘ If you came over I could give you all the assignments . ’
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