Example sentences of "[prep] [noun] [adv] over " in BNC.

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61 He preferred painting on a closely woven canvas , and sometimes when he had finished the work he placed a sheet of paper carefully over the fresh paint to merge the colours .
62 So , there are these sort of centres all over the country , er but this is the first time that there has been one that has arts and science under the same room .
63 Went to the Royal Academy when I was doing my 'O' Levels , it was a Jackson follow up it was about , ambulance was about twelve foot by twelve foot , it was literally splodges of paint all over the fucking place , it was horrible , you can actually buy them at the Royal Academy , you ca n't buy them at , but he was asking a hundred thousand pounds for it , I could n't believe it , a trained monkey could of fucking painted that
64 And she 's dropped a tin of paint all over her trainers .
65 Algal , lichen and moss communities grow wherever there is a hint of moisture , in a variety of habitats all over the continent .
66 Many can forage above ground at night but they laboriously shield themselves from predators by constructing covered run-ways , and thin crusts of mud all over the vegetation they are plundering .
67 ‘ It 's disgusting , ’ contributed Mrs Harper from time to time , presenting her flat , mean , worthless little counter simply because she could not bear to remain silent , to sit back where others played , although she recognized herself temporarily outnumbered , ‘ disgusting , I call it , ’ and Shirley , hearing this phrase for the millionth time , had a vision of households all over Britain in which censorious , ignorant old bags like her mother-in-law , who had never done anything for the public good , who had nothing positive ever to contribute to any argument , passed judgement on others while stuffing themselves with goose and roast potatoes and sprouts and apple sauce .
68 And as the Western media talks about a 3rd World War starting in the Gulf , millions of people all over the world know that the Third World War started long before the battle in the Gulf .
69 But although her books are read by millions of people all over the world she 's never had a fan club … until now .
70 They have built up a list of people all over the world who have been sending them football songs and now send Beatles covers as well .
71 This Easter we have seen the groundswell of demand all over the world that the arms race be brought to a standstill .
72 Nearly 30% of Americans all over the country surveyed by the Washington Post said they feared their city would be subject to a terrorist attack .
73 The South West Region plays host to a vast number of divers all over the country .
74 Questions similar to this one seem to occupy an inordinate amount of the energies of scientists all over the world , not to mention grouses about the shortsightedness/injustice/lack of imagination of a straight thumbs down to a researcher 's pet proposal .
75 I went out to water some plants and there was piles of soil all over the lawn — I was furious .
76 Trotsky attached great importance , at least in his criticisms of Stalin , to political control by the elected representatives of the mass membership of the party and of society generally over the party and state bureaucracies .
77 I recall that we showered thousands of leaflets all over Czechoslovakia but I doubt if one fell on Prague .
78 The raids were followed by a military action on the ground , and neutral Cambodia was drawn into the conflict , with appalling loss of life there over the next few years .
79 I know that there are no easy answers , but if we do not at least attempt to act decisively , Zagreb , Dubrovnik , Vukovar and Osijek could be just the first names on a ghastly roll call resembling those unending , poignant first world war memorials that are such a feature of life all over the continent of Europe .
80 Particularly in the streets that have undergone a great deal of change since the war , like the street where I live myself , which is another thing that prompted me to , to go into the research in the first place , which is erm a house of small Victorian erm I believe the estate agents call them artisans ' cottages , and this kind of area which , there 's a great deal of this sort of property in Brighton , has undergone enormous changes since the war from being multi-occupied before the war , with one family on each floor , were regarded immediately after the war as slums and were scheduled for demolition , but they 've been a great lease of life all over the country , this sort of property , and been subjected to a process which has come to be known as gentrification , which has meant that when the middle class could n't afford to , to buy semi-detached in suburbs they took to buying this kind of smaller property in town centres , thereby introducing a whole new element into streets that had never seen these , this kind of things done to houses before .
81 A series of alerts all over the mainland came as the IRA yesterday declared a 72-hour Christmas truce for Northern Ireland .
82 Just as the field in sunspots suppresses the flow of radiation locally , so the spread-out field inhibits the general upflow of radiation all over the sun .
83 There will be a lot of cloud again over many parts of England and Wales , although it might become a little brighter at times .
84 Some firms of English solicitors have branch offices in the major centres of commerce all over the world , to advise local clients on English law .
85 There is going to be a serious shortage of food all over the world during the next year .
86 Today they are an important source of food all over the world .
87 Nails had to admit that it was true he slept in his clothes every night ; he had bits of straw all over him and probably smelled a bit .
88 The significance of the birth of Christ is not the sudden appearance of angels all over the place , but the fact that such an important person was born in the most humble surroundings — in a poor and lowly stable .
89 The National Bowl is one of what we hope will be a series of venues all over Europe and we hope this one will become the first stop for major artists as they come to Europe
90 There is going to be all forms of Jihad all over the world because there is a sacred element , there is an element erm of er which is the presence of a foreign non-Muslim force in the Holy Land ; this is a very explosive element .
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