Example sentences of "[prep] [noun] [adv] over " in BNC.

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31 the nationalists do n't have so much of hold now over the south .
32 LEADING Tory John Gummer quit the Church of England yesterday over its move to bring in women priests .
33 The two Chelonians he had seen earlier were strapped into padded harnesses that suspended their front set of limbs conveniently over the main instrument panel .
34 To me there are prototypes of Alf all over the country : far too many of them in fact .
35 ‘ Maybe he 's a real-estate developer who 's planning a row of condos right over there where the volleyball net is , ’ Charity suggested uncharitably .
36 When the Prime Minister said in Blackpool recently that the trendy liberals in education ’ have had their say and had their day ’ hundreds of thousands of parents all over the country let out a huge sigh of relief .
37 Now four English teenagers are dead following a canoeing accident off the Dorset coast , intensifying the concerns of parents all over Britain as they watch their children set off with their mates , while wondering what the chances are that something might go horribly wrong .
38 Across the little Livre valley the vines grown on the east and south-east-facing slopes of Mont Écouvé , at a height of between 150 and 170 metres , are an extension to those of Bouzy just over the hill .
39 A The use of sand directly over a sub gravel filter is not recommended .
40 A tiny creature which cuts a tracery of lines all over the surface of floating foliage .
41 Suddenly , as we were about fifty yards from that lovely smell of coffee , there was an almighty roar as the barn blew up , scattering burning straw and all kinds of debris all over the farm area .
42 The worship of , or professed belief in , a god of some kind is to be found in varying degrees of sincerity all over the world .
43 But finally the itching was too much for him and we got up one morning to find plaster of Paris and remnants of bandage all over the carpet where he had irritably scissored it off at two in the morning .
44 The day had got off to a bad start as it was ( late for work , lost the shop key , spilt a load of fish-food all over the floor and then cracked my head on a shelf while clearing it up ) .
45 For minor members of foreign missions , of whom ambassadors ' secretaries were the most important , gold chains continued during much of the seventeenth century to be a very common form of gift all over Europe .
46 Does my hon. Friend agree that many leaders of local industry are giving their time and experience to ensure the great success of TECs all over the United Kingdom and that it is imperative that we , the Government , ensure that they are properly funded ?
47 This was made explicit by Louis Agassiz , a Swiss who had in 1840 recognized marks of glaciation all over northern Europe and thus given us the idea of ice ages .
48 He had very red hair and a pale complexion with masses of freckles all over his face , he was very popular with everyone and lived for the day when he could join the Army , particularly the Camerons .
49 Not only can we use the considerable buying power of Guinness to get the best prices , but we can use our knowledge of suppliers all over the world to ensure the highest quality product .
50 Much of the syllabus has become part of the training of dancers all over the world .
51 Our task today is to increase the international pressure on behalf of the thousands of prisoners of conscience all over the world , to make tomorrow the day their freedom is restored .
52 The event was held in the school library and messages of hope were written to prisoners of conscience all over the world .
53 ‘ We have lost a lot of ponds all over the country , so the ones we do have are even more important as wildlife habitats . ’
54 A good cook , evidently , though somewhat vulgarized by recent service with an American family who liked bits of pineapple all over things .
55 a load of feathers all over his face .
56 For ears treated surgically there was no significant advantage of adenoidectomy alone over the baseline category of tube insertion alone .
57 And with the help of breeders all over the world , they 've made a dramatic comeback .
58 Blacks are pouring out of flats all over Deptford .
59 But there is also widespread support for state or collective provision of welfare even over tax cuts .
60 BT has provided £75,000 in support of Teesside Tomorrow over the past three years .
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