Example sentences of "be [vb pp] at the same time " in BNC.

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61 If quality could be improved , customers would be happy and costs would be cut at the same time .
62 The magnitude of the electric field may be represented at the same time by the density of field lines .
63 Leaflets from different parties can be delivered at the same time as long as they are not folded together .
64 Because we want the debate to be a real one , we published with the Bill the draft immigration rules which will follow its successful passage , so those rules can be discussed at the same time as the Bill and , if and where necessary , improved .
65 Must be taken at the same time daily or no more than three hours late .
66 This may be an injection or , as is increasingly common , a number of tablets or capsules all to be taken at the same time .
67 This action can be taken at the same time as your writ is issued and prior to judgement being given .
68 A shelf allows more food to be cooked at the same time , though the cooking times will be longer .
69 Every cook knows the value of having the facility in an oven where the heat zones are such that different dishes which require different heat can be cooked at the same time .
70 Different types of food can also be cooked at the same time , such as batch baking in one oven and reheating smaller items as and when required in the other .
71 In spasticity , all of the muscles controlling a limb tend to be contracted at the same time , so that the limb locks into position .
72 Beveridge became more sanguine about the level of full employment which could be achieved at the same time as he proposed less control by the government over the economy .
73 ‘ She is , however , saying a lot of things about young feelings : Kylie wanting to love and be loved at the same time .
74 The eight-part BBC2 series The Victorian Flower Garden will be screened in the autumn , and the accompanying BBC book by Jennifer Davies will be published at the same time at £14.95 .
75 Film makers from Television Trust for the Environment will be producing the TV documentary on the " greenhouse effect " , to be launched at the same time as the book and shown by Central TV .
76 That happened that happens with all staff changes where you need a degree of skill its compounded by the fact that all nine will be changed at the same time and as I said before is a total loss of the skills base .
77 Titles from either list may be ordered at the same time from Bailey Distribution .
78 The workshop will be held at the same time as the World Methodist Council 's International Publishing Committee .
79 Elections to the Slovak and Czech National Councils would be held at the same time .
80 But the signals will get through only if there is budget discipline : if , in other words , the still massive indirect subsidies to factories — tax exemptions , soft credits , loans — are cut at the same time .
81 In data manipulation on a parallel computer all bits of a word are processed at the same time , while on a serial computer the bits of a word are processed one after another .
82 The context of speech-making and the techniques and conventions that have been developed ensure that many sides of a case are put at the same time as maintaining the proprieties due to different statuses .
83 Fourteen drums of crushed flint and water are ground at the same time .
84 NOTE Some drugs can be dangerous when they are taken at the same time as alcohol .
85 Ensuring that tax and spending decisions are taken at the same time will allow better control over Government borrowing …
86 Some , like Berkeley 's St Teresa of Avila have been briefly available on a BBC Artium LP ; what a pity this has n't been , or could n't be , included on the ten-disc CD issue from Decca that has been issued at the same time as the book ( see page 78 ) .
87 In applying the requirements of the [ draft ] FRS capital instruments which are issued at the same time in a composite transaction should be considered together .
88 Where necessary , new bridges , such as the Pont Saint-Michel , were built to cross the Seine , whose quays were developed at the same time as arteries for traffic .
89 At a subsequent meeting an official added that it would be ‘ most unfortunate ’ if the evidence was being heard at the same time as the project 's grant came up for renewal .
90 Traditionally it has been thought that meteorites were formed at the same time as the solar planets , and the composition of them was used as a ‘ fossil guide ’ to the make-up of the planets .
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