Example sentences of "be [vb pp] at the same time " in BNC.

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31 A behaviour that can not be done at the same time as the problem behaviour .
32 4.11 If it is essential that money be delivered to clients in their own homes , this must be sanctioned by the line manager and , where possible , should not be done at the same time each week .
33 It was something that had to be done at the same time as teaching , and was seen more , I suppose , as a chore rather than as something which would have any sort of positive spin-off for us .
34 Certainly , the only go , the only way I run a shift , the way she runs checkouts , is erm , by going , you , it 's the same thing every day , you 've got to run through everything on the same point order , because you know , you 've been doing it , it 's got to be done at the same time , like bread the last lot 's got to be on by four .
35 I am no farmer , or perhaps I could understand how wheat and potatoes can be grown at the same time in Ireland .
36 A type of non-relational database , peculiar to Apple Macintosh computers , sometimes used for the development of interactive video systems , since different types of file ( text , image , sound ) can be searched at the same time .
37 They will be selected at the same time as Scotland finalise their team of ten .
38 They will be selected at the same time as Scotland finalise their team of ten .
39 Think of a desired alternative action — one that can not be performed at the same time as the ‘ problem ’ behaviour ( see page 55 ) .
40 Usually it has something to do with the needs created by sharing : sharing the task of killing a large prey , sharing the task of defending the group against predators , sharing body heat to keep warm at night ; sharing out different duties that can be performed at the same time ; sharing the food that has been obtained by special members of the group ; and so on .
41 Intravariceal injection of sclerosant should be performed at the same time , if the expertise is available .
42 Relational database backups should be performed at the same time as LIFESPAN backups .
43 Each ferret should have its own complete transmitter and locator system , and the signal emitted needs to differ from others that may be used at the same time .
44 A BBC documentary about the prince 's involvement will be broadcast at the same time .
45 Could standards be preserved at the same time as giving institutions greater autonomy ?
46 Several programs from any group can be opened at the same time .
47 An appropriate calculation or formula for the amount of contingency required at any particular time should be agreed at the same time that the initial sire of the contingency is determined .
48 However , they were originally scheduled for different nights , but it has always been possible for this scenario to arrise , so why did n't they just schedule the matches to be played at the same time no matter what ?
49 There are options for calculating the critical path only and for each phase or network to be scheduled from the project start date , permitting multiple phases to be scheduled at the same time .
50 Departments will have to place a monetary value on any destruction of the environment that may result from government policies , meaning that environmental impact will be assessed at the same time as other benefits and costs .
51 Sugar beet might be given the capacity to produce new amino-acids of value to man which could be extracted at the same time as the sugar .
52 The European Court has in fact held that the internal competence may be exercised at the same time as the external competence so that the Community acquired the power to negotiate an international agreement before it had in fact exercised its internal powers , and this theory had in fact been taken further in the fisheries sector in the judgment in the Kramer cases .
53 You can allow or prohibit both copies of a file to be mounted at the same time , for security reasons .
54 The procedure under which the views of the trial judge and the Lord Chief Justice about the requirements of retribution and deterrence are obtained will be the same as that proposed for discretionary life sentence cases , and will be introduced at the same time .
55 It is possible that concrete foundations for a boundary wall will be laid at the same time by the adjacent landowner ) ;
56 Nor , for example , will it follow without being made explicit that only the majority whose decision is sufficient to exercise the power need be the signatories to any expulsion notice or that more than one partner can be expelled at the same time by the same notice .
57 Fear can not be experienced at the same time as love — whether we are talking of love of an individual , of mankind , of the world or of yourself .
58 The " offer of amends " would be a valuable protection for the media in cases of unintentional defamation , were it not encumbered by what the Faulks Committee described as " expensive rigmarole " — a procedure which requires the swearing of a detailed affidavit about how the confusion arose , which must be served at the same time as the offer of amends .
59 With DITRA matting , laying floor tiles is quick and simple , because once the sheets are cut to size and laid , the floor tile adhesive can be applied immediately , allowing the tiles to be fixed at the same time .
60 Advisers are here exposed to an example of social policy work where several potential clients may be assisted at the same time to help themselves .
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