Example sentences of "be [vb pp] at the same time " in BNC.

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1 If the same dose and type of insulin are given at the same time each day and either the food intake or the amount of physical activity fluctuates to a significant degree , the consequences are going to be unacceptable hyperglycaemia or hypoglycaemia .
2 Since threadworms can spread so easily , it is recommended that all the family are treated at the same time .
3 How is it that you do n't know and in your letter to me you said this trust did not know where that money had been withdrawn at the same time Andrew director of Eastern Arts was quite happy to write to me to tell me why he was quite happy to tell the press over the phone why how is it the trust did n't know ?
4 Rapid nucleation is a zeroth-order process in which the growth centres are formed at the same time , and for each growth unit listed in table 11.3 , the corresponding values of the exponent would be .
5 Prior Robert , still stonily silent and shocked out of his normal studied dignity , led away his shattered clerk to the second of the two penitentiary cells ; and it was the first time , as far as Cadfael could recall , that the two had ever been occupied at the same time .
6 That heroic total-amputee had been rescued at the same time as the sculpts of the Sagramoso dynasty were all reduced to dust .
7 The cashier holds the other key and the safe deposit box can only be opened if both locks are operated at the same time .
8 The authenticity of the film was stressed in all the publicity and much was made of the fact that not only had the trial scenes been shot at the same time as the judge was carrying out the Detroit sentences but the film actually used his own words .
9 A number of products or components are made at the same time , but not on a continuous basis .
10 Valenzuela 's only real friend was another recruit named Bratti Cornejo who had been drafted at the same time .
11 CASE 3 — both Case 1 and Case 2 above are requested at the same time .
12 Some hangars have doors at each end and these make a good wind tunnel if both ends are opened at the same time .
13 When one or more applications are opened at the same time ( each in its own window ) one application can be chosen to be active whilst the others remain idle but ready for use .
14 to swimming pools terraces paths drives walls gates and fences unless the Private Dwelling or its out-buildings are damaged at the same time
15 o Damage to or resulting from movement of solid floor slabs unless the foundations beneath the exterior walls of the dwelling are damaged at the same time .
16 I thought Eng v SM was 16th & Pol vs Hol 17th but I 've heard that they 've been rescheduled so that they are played at the same time .
17 However , issues like those listed above can only begin to be seriously addressed if more fundamental assumptions about primary practice are challenged at the same time .
18 Yet she felt , unable to help herself , a certain irrational joyfulness , as though an end and a beginning had been reached at the same time .
19 o Damage to outbuildings or walls where the main dwelling has not been damaged at the same time .
20 So this means that when using the Fair Isle option from the design screen , both colours are knitted at the same time within the same row .
21 There is no reason why it should , for it forms part of the same document , and appears to have been executed at the same time , as the legacy of liberatio .
22 The cap and bonnet had been a feature of grave-clothes since the 1630s , the under-shirt having been introduced at the same time .
23 The four named officers had been arrested at the same time as Beattie and had already appeared before ‘ Diplock ’ tribunals and been released .
24 If your invalid parent is admitted , however , and payments of the attendance allowance is withdrawn , your invalid care allowance will have to be withdrawn at the same time , and you should immediately notify the Invalid Care Allowance Unit , Department of Health and Social Security , North Fylde Central Offices , Norcross , Blackpool FY5 3TA .
25 The vaccine can be given at the same time as immunisations against diphtheria , whooping cough and tetanus .
26 It is also recommended that the bitch should also be treated at the same time as the pups .
27 The emergence of a set of strategies which encompass the whole institution can be developed at the same time as local links and local issues are given some priority .
28 This part of the task is very slow and time-consuming and if more than one plate is being constructed then they could be clamped together and all be drilled at the same time .
29 Application for a grant should be made at the same time as the application for an audition in order that you can be sure of your position should you be fortunate enough to be offered a place .
30 The addition of the necessary chemicals can be made at the same time , and the plant requires means for adding these , mixing them with the water to give time for interaction , and removing the precipitate by sedimentation , usually by some variation of the " upward-flow " type of tank .
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