Example sentences of "can not [be] said " in BNC.

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61 In an article written in support of the ordination of women to the priesthood in the Episcopal Church in the United States , Richard Norris , whose scholarship I have just mentioned , argues that the tenets of patristic Christology are such that it can not be said that a baptized woman is differently related than is a man to Jesus as the Christ .
62 In so far as it is the case that , in the classical doctrine of the trinity , it is said that the three persons are alike in all save their mutual relations , when we are speaking of Christ as God , as the second person of the trinity , it can not be said of Christ that he is ‘ male ’ .
63 Ruether 's , if she is not saying in any sense of Christ that he is unique , surely can not be said to be so .
64 For , in its guise as the Parliamentary Labour Party , British Empirical Socialism can not be said to have intended , when governing the country , to have replaced private ownership of industry wholly by public ownership .
65 And it can not be said that that is the union 's business as of generally recognised right to decide , or to share in deciding , that application .
66 The same can not be said of the ceremonial and ritual laws which occupy much of Leviticus and other parts of the Pentateuch .
67 Since Raymond Oliver 's assertion to the effect that your , dairyman always has one of the great vintages of French Gruyère can not be said to apply to any of my dairymen both the questions of authenticity and of relative skill with the fondue set are academic .
68 He does indeed regard the latter case as a splitting of the name " Balak , king of Moab " across two lines ( he calls it " binomination " ) , but that can not be said of the former case .
69 It is the evaluators ' conclusion that the creation of such a framework may well be imminent , but through the period of the evaluation itself the existing arrangements can not be said to have been adequate .
70 That they are not such statements is in accord with the fact , rightly insisted upon by Hume , as already noted , that causes can not be said to be in a certain logical connection with their effects : the fact that it is not contradictory , however mistaken it may be , to assert that a causal circumstance for an event existed but that the event did not occur .
71 ( 1.2 , 1.3 ) Our conception of necessary connection can not be said to require any facts other than those stated by these conditionals .
72 Surely these can not be said to have objects or contents in the given sense .
73 My conception is related , also , in that both conceptions derive in a direct way from our pre-theoretical , first-person grasp of consciousness , as can not be said of any of behaviourism , causalism , or functionalism , nor really of the logico-linguistic criterion , derived though it is from Brentano .
74 It simply can not be said how often two people with similar needs in this direction marry .
75 But because the correspondence between graphological and phonological features is far from precise , it can not be said that a writer has actually represented the speech style of a character .
76 For example , an Indian village producing Kashan-style rugs can not be said to be part of the Kashan weaving group ; nor can the Persian towns of Kashan and Arak be placed together , despite their relative proximity , because of the strong dissimilarities in their rugs .
77 In summary , whether or not Fama and Jensen 's reasoning is right , it can not be said that more minuses in table 3.1 mean worse performance .
78 3 Make sure that personnel who are to be present from sections other than the PR department are fully briefed on their role and on what can and can not be said .
79 That being so , the direct object can not be said to be totally redundant .
80 Where a previous Court of Appeal decision can not be said to be in line with the House of Lords ' authority on the same subject .
81 Despite the emphasis placed on this aspect of the division of labour by Marxists and non-Marxist sociologists alike , it can not be said that the division by strata forms the ‘ naturally ’ pertinent basis for social identification in capitalist societies .
82 At present , however , it can not be said that our system does this very effectively .
83 If the explanation given is correct , however ( and no other suggests itself ) then there is no reason to prevent the prosecutor who has elected in favour of the substantive offence from seeking to amend so as to substitute the conspiracy count instead : a straight exchange of counts based on the same facts can not be said to be over-burdensome .
84 ‘ It can not be said that the contract was cancelled by [ the petitioner ] when payment was not made by [ the first and second respondents ] on 23 May 1988 .
85 It can not be said , merely by looking at the allegations in the statement of claim , which is all that is permissible under the terms of the preliminary point of law , that the council could not have considered the action expedient for the promotion or protection of the interests of the inhabitants of Derbyshire .
86 I am satisfied that it can not be said that section 6(2) is unworkable if the words of that provision are given their wide general meaning .
87 The same can not be said for left handers since the mean observed frequency is greater than 50 per cent .
88 Within these limits , which can not be said in a free society possessing elective legislative institutions to be narrow or constrained , judges , as the remarkable judicial career of Lord Denning himself shows , have a genuine creative role .
89 It can not be said that a warm relationship developed between the Minister and the doctors .
90 In housing , inequalities in basic standards have narrowed but the same can not be said in relation to the social standards of housing .
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