Example sentences of "can not [be] said " in BNC.

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31 In all , this incidence of reported problems can not be said to suggest much more than the occasional misunderstanding , difficulty or other problem which must mark a small proportion of virtually every type of consumer transaction .
32 Her natural expression removes some of the horror of death and , with her floral tribute , looks more like Little Red Riding Hood asleep under the tree ; the same can not be said for the Hoskins child .
33 If Marx 's humanitarianism contains a certain ambiguity , the same can not be said of Lenin .
34 At 29 he 's got everything , which can not be said of the other international contenders .
35 However , it can not be said that the laws-of-war approach has resulted in clear and unambiguous agreement either among writers or among countries as to the precise restrictions to be placed on nuclear weapons use .
36 On the right , while Italian and German agents were active in Spain and sympathetic to the Spanish right , they can not be said to have exerted pressure upon it or materially to have assisted it in subverting the Republic .
37 Someone who calls out ‘ Cooee ’ can not be said to be saying something that is true or false .
38 As guardians of its wildlife , Hong Kong 's British tenants can not be said to have done very well , though in the last ten years there have been attempts by Hong Kong conservationists to save what is left .
39 With the exception of a few of the non-manual workers , concentrated in the first group , early retirement can not be said to have been chosen from a position of strength — namely , possessing financial security , good health , and the option of continued employment .
40 This will account for the fact that although it is the obvious lesson of Darwinism that species mutate , they can not be said to be aware of this nor in any sense to change themselves .
41 Unfortunately , this can not be said of the licence fee .
42 Unfortunately , while his powers of mental control are impressive , this can not be said of his ability to control his physical body .
43 But what about those conflicts that do not take place within such a constituted social system , such as conflictual bourgeois societies which can not be said to be unified , except , as Sartre suggests dismissively , by appeal to a lost paradise before the class struggle ?
44 This is not supposed to suggest that events can not be said to occur straightforwardly in the real but rather that when set up in any series , narrative , or history they are constructed as such events retrospectively by the historian .
45 Descombes describes a comparable paradoxical structure in his account of ‘ originary delay ’ : a first event can not be the first event if it is the only event ; it can not be said to be a first until it is followed by a second , which then retrospectively constitutes it as the first — which means that its firstness hovers over it as its meaning without being identifiable with it as such .
46 It can not be said often enough that these are not the people at the top of the organization , but those at the bottom .
47 In adjudicating , a meaning is attributed to a rule of law which can not be said to be correct or incorrect .
48 Since such orders are not the product of a directing intelligence they can not be said to have a particular purpose .
49 It can not be said that the result was entirely logical , and one is tempted to agree with a famous last-century astronomer , Sir John Herschel , that the constellations seem to have been drawn up so as to cause as much inconvenience as possible , but the system has become so well established that it is unlikely to be altered now .
50 I must repeat , it is not the purpose of ‘ Documenta ’ to choose representatives from different countries : the Italian artists involved certainly can not be said to represent Italy .
51 Lately in the field of painting , there has been a groundswell of revived interest in ‘ pure abstraction ’ but the same can not be said for sculpture .
52 Its title is misleading , since the Georgian interiors are few in number , and can not be said to give much idea of their period .
53 But the same can not be said for duties and responsibilities .
54 Freud can not be said to have been unaware of the variability of human nature in different societies which have other economic arrangements and different cultural aims from those of Europe and America .
55 the same can not be said today but at least the other conditions still apply .
56 He has already demonstrated an ability to meet delivery dates , and can not be said to neglect quality .
57 The same can not be said of Finance Minister Vaclav Klaus , the monetarist architect of the reform .
58 But although earlier events can not be said to have caused the crisis , they did have some bearing on how it developed .
59 However , wide as the law-making powers of proclamations were , it can not be said that under the Tudors they ever came near to replacing statute .
60 It can not be said of Barth that he did not know of evolution !
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