Example sentences of "[adv] 10 [unc] [unc] " in BNC.

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31 Light , insulating , economical puffed-wood structures , using only 10 per cent by weight of the wood previously needed , will spring up everywhere .
32 This means that , if trains took coal from a mine 10 kilometres up a branch line to a power station 100 km away , the model would expect only 10 per cent of the revenue to be lost if the branch line were closed .
33 Programmers Dan and Kathe Spracklen , who have paced the industry Since their Sargon program won the first micro chess tournament in 1978 , believe that about 90 per cent of this progress is due to faster speeds in the evaluation routines , and only 10 per cent because the routines themselves have become more chess-intelligent .
34 Because of the drought , cotton farmers in north-western New South Wales are receiving only 10 per cent of their normal allocation of water from irrigation projects , while the cost of water has risen by as much as 30 per cent .
35 Ministers still stand by Lawther 's conclusion that only 10 per cent of lead in the human body is likely to come from additives in petrol .
36 Clarke suggests that only 10 per cent of the iodine-131 escaped .
37 Thus , only 10 per cent of the population of Newham , Tower Hamlets and Southwark can afford a new house in the LDDC area .
38 Notice that 16.1 per cent of the male labour force was recorded as unemployed in April 1985 , but only 10 per cent of the female labour force was so recorded .
39 First , they see various loan options where the APR dropped from 49 per cent for six-month repayment periods to only 10 per cent for 36-month periods .
40 After 12 weeks of using the Nicorette Patch , 41 per cent of smokers gave up compared with only 10 per cent who used a dummy patch .
41 Only 10 per cent of newlyweds polled by Brides magazine said they wish they were marrying a virgin .
42 This has not changed : in 1972 , people in the bottom 80 per cent of the wealth distribution owned only 10 per cent of realizable assets .
43 Only 10 per cent of male students showed such reactions to a story about a student called John .
44 Twenty years ago , only 10 per cent of the prison population was aged under 21 years .
45 In 1923 they controlled only 10 per cent of evening titles .
46 ( Webster , 1967 ) has shown that only 10 per cent had any reference to the actual date of the deposit in which they were found .
47 However , only 10 per cent ( originally 20 per cent ) of this subscription is paid to the Bank , the remaining 90 per cent acting as a guarantee for the Bank 's lending .
48 Verbrugge ( 1989 ) considers that only 10 per cent of the gender difference in late-age mortality is due to biological or intrinsic factors and 90 per cent is a result of differences in social variables such as smoking behaviour ; Waldron ( 1976 ) suggests that 75 per cent of the difference is attributable to behavioural factors .
49 Approximately 20 per cent of subjects reported that they would be pleased to enter a private/public sector home , but only 10 per cent favoured the geriatric hospital .
50 But the family sizes of women married in 1945 and in 1954 after 10 years ' marriage were 1.79 and 1.96 children respectively — a difference of only 10 per cent .
51 Only 10 per cent of the 1940–4 birth cohort of women ( now aged 45–50 ) remained childless ; this figure is expected to rise to at least 15 per cent and possibly 20 per cent for the 1960–4 birth cohort ( Werner 1986 , OPCS 1989a , figure 4.9 ) .
52 The notion that " one hour 's sleep before midnight is worth two afterwards " has perennially been invoked to put children to bed early ( although only 10 per cent of the survey sample believed it to be true ) .
53 The rapid returners , where three-quarters struck at the outset , but by mid-November only 10 per cent had not returned to work .
54 He estimates ( using parameters derived from the brain damaged population ) that though the probability of left sided speech given a right ear advantage is 97 per cent , the probability of right sided speech given a left ear advantage is only 10 per cent .
55 Only 10 per cent of the energy in a light bulb goes into creating light , the rest being lost as heat , while 90 per cent of bioluminescent energy is converted into light .
56 If one parent is obese , 40 per cent of the children will be obese , and if both parents are lean , then only 10 per cent will be obese .
57 Twenty per cent of widowed , divorced and separated women aged 30–44 were carers , compared with only 10 per cent of men of similar age and status .
58 For example , only 10 per cent of vandalism and 12 per cent of theft from the person were estimated to be reported , while for burglary , the estimated percentage was 41 per cent and for motor vehicle theft 86 per cent ( Mayhew et al .
59 Prisoners are male , and disproportionately young — a quarter of the prison population being under 21 , whereas 15–20-year-olds make up only 10 per cent of the British population .
60 Today , our lifestyles have become more busy , and only 10 per cent of us eat a full cooked breakfast .
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