Example sentences of "[adv] 10 [unc] [unc] " in BNC.

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61 In 1879 only 10 per cent of the tonnage launched on the Clyde was of steel construction , but by 1889 that figure had risen to 97 per cent .
62 As late as 1937 only 10 per cent of women were attending post-natal clinics , whereas 54 per cent received ante-natal care .
63 In power since 1971 , he is a remarkable survivor among Arab leaders , the more so for being an Alawi — one of only 10 per cent of the Syrian population .
64 Only 10 per cent .
65 As recently as five years ago only 10 per cent .
66 of the cost of the police service comes from the Exchequer , the taxpayer , and only 10 per cent .
67 From 1985 to 1987 , only 10 per cent .
68 The liquidity squeeze ( predicted to affect only 10 per cent of the population directly ) immediately limited withdrawals from interest-bearing money-market accounts ( estimated to total $70,000 million ) to 20 per cent and those from private savings and current accounts to no more than approximately $1,000 .
69 Based on figures calculated for the united Yemen throughout 1990 , the budget forecast a deficit reduction of some 27 per cent during 1991 , with a 43 per cent increase in revenue and an increase in expenditure of only 10 per cent .
70 Although Australia possessed some 30 per cent of the world 's known uranium , it provided only 10 per cent of output , largely because of the left 's traditional hostility to the nuclear industry .
71 Aldo Rico , a former lieutenant-colonel who led abortive military rebellions in 1987 and 1988 [ see pp. 35560-61 ; 36203 ] and who claimed to be representing the " dispossessed " , came an unexpected third with only 10 per cent of the vote .
72 The annual report of the United Nations Children 's Fund ( UNICEF ) , released on Dec. 19 , showed that poor countries spent an average 12 per cent of their budgets on health and education , while rich countries allocated only 10 per cent of their aid to these sectors in the developing world .
73 Khasbulatov also said that only 10 per cent of the population were living in satisfactory conditions , and that Russia was experiencing the " pauperization and lumpenization " of its people .
74 In these areas the turnout was estimated to be only 10 per cent .
75 Ukraine claimed that only 10 per cent should become CIS property , as the cost of building and maintaining the fleet had been borne by Ukraine .
76 Of 10,000,000 workers polled , only 10 per cent said that they would support a strike in protest at the government 's economic policies , although 86 per cent expressed willingness to participate in protest demonstrations .
77 The same diplomatic source also said that only 10 per cent of FALA soldiers had been demobilized and that UNITA retained an effective force of 47,000 with heavy equipment intact .
78 For a quotation on the USM only 10 per cent of the shares must be in the possession of the general public .
79 In the mid eighteenth century only 10 per cent of holders lived outside the Home Counties , the majority of ordinary holders being members of the London bourgeoisie or petit bourgeoisie : merchants , bankers , brokers , jobbers , clergymen , doctors , lawyers , shopkeepers , artisans and sometimes even servants .
80 Of a sample of 696 women derived from London settlement examinations 1750 to 1760 , almost 60 per cent were between 15 and 29 years old , with only 10 per cent in their forties .
81 A few groups of migrants , notably among Germans and Scandinavians , who went to the Great Lakes area of the United States , or the earlier Scots settlers in Canada , exchanged a poor agricultural milieu for a better one : only 10 per cent of the foreign immigrants in the United States in 1880 were in agriculture , mostly not as farmers ‘ possibly ’ , as an observer claimed ‘ on account of the capital required to purchase and stock a farm ’ , ’ the equipment of which alone was reckoned to cost $900 in the early 1870s .
82 Among the random sample of women in Camberwell experiencing a severe event or major difficulty , only 10 per cent of those with a close , confiding relationship with their husband or boyfriend developed depression .
83 Half of India 's forest has been destroyed over the last 40 years , leaving only 10 per cent coverage .
84 A study by the International Forest Science Consultancy has shown that log-exporting countries typically receive only 10 per cent of the total value of the processed timber .
85 The worst affected trees were in the UK , where 57 per cent of trees had lost 25 per cent or more of their leaves , partly as a result of a series of dry summers ; the healthiest were in France and Spain , where only 10 per cent of trees suffered substantial leaf loss .
86 The situation is worst around the Aral Sea , where only 10 per cent of the local water supply is fit to drink .
87 There are around three million players in Britain , but only 10 per cent of these are actually affiliated to a club and around 10 per cent of the club members are actually rated .
88 While only 10 per cent thought the Government should raise the National Insurance contributions rate , 64 per cent were against this .
89 Only 10 per cent of the coast was said to be in excellent condition .
90 Self-government for Scotland was given the thumbs-down by the Scottish business community , with more than 60 per cent of respondents saying that it would have a detrimental effect on business , while only 10 per cent thought there would be some advantage .
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