Example sentences of "[adv] a [adj] period " in BNC.

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61 It is no longer adequate just to produce a plan of a church : all walls and elevations need to be examined closely , since most churches are built , developed and extended over a long period .
62 The church began in late Saxon times and developed over a long period , finally being made redundant in the 1960s , when part of it collapsed .
63 The rationale , however , for that is clear : while insurers are willing to concede that accidents will happen , events developing over a long period of time because of a lack of concern for the potential hazards should not be allowed to .
64 This was a process which extended over a long period , and in the seventeenth century the extent of their privileges in this respect was still far from clear .
65 This task of considering key moments can be a very valuable way of recapping from one session to the next when the drama extends over a long period , as it usually does once it becomes part of a project or topic work .
66 Another modification of the model assumes that uniform extension occurs but takes account of the fact that stretching of the lithosphere is likely to occur over a long period of time , probably several million years .
67 There are two broad categories : ( 1 ) where the object is to generate more work by some system of cross-referral in particular fields , though such arrangements are difficult to sustain over a long period if member firms wish to retain their independence and separate profitability .
68 Where production extends over a long period as in construction industries and shipbuilding , measurement of work in progress has to be achieved by other means .
69 Unfortunately it may conceivably cause liver disease if taken over a long period , and this is to be tested by administering it to pigs .
70 It is believed the money allegedly went missing over a long period , dating back to last season 's Cup Final .
71 The examples all have the same structure : a well-defined quantity is recorded at successive equally-spaced time points over a specific period .
72 The NEAP process involves : ( i ) the identification of a country 's environmental conditions and specific problems ; ( ii ) preparation of proposals to overcome the problems ; and ( iii ) formulation of a plan of action to deal with them over a specific period of time .
73 Under the proposal Poland would allocate over a twenty-year period the zloty equivalent of the hard currency involved to set up and develop schemes to reduce pollution and improve the environment in Poland .
74 The one marginal exception is his only excursion into ghost-writing , A Yankee Looks at Cricket , written with Philadelphian cricket fanatic Henry Sayen in 1956 , which helped tide him over a tricky period between jobs .
75 Hatching occurred over a two-month period commencing at the end of June , with most juveniles emerging in mid-July .
76 The bulk of the programme would then outline in some detail the specific projects being funded , and the resources allocated to them over a 3–4-year period .
77 Edinburgh district council estimated the cost of clearing the backlog at £25.5 million and we made that allocation to it over a two-year period .
78 HCFC-123 , a substitute material for ozone-damaging chlorofluorocarbons ( CFCs ) being marketed by the British chemical company ICI , has been found to cause tumours in rats exposed to it over a two-year period .
79 Reports by the United Nations and Amnesty International detailed human rights abuses under the regime , one citing 14,000 cases of execution or torture over a six-year period .
80 The waste , accumulated over a 40-year period , will remain dangerously radioactive for tens of thousands of years .
81 Out of a thousand cases reported in United States waters over a five-year period , only two resulted in death .
82 Project B remits larger cash inflows spread over a five-year period as opposed to the three years of cash inflows from Project A. Discounted cash flows would provide a rational basis for comparing these two projects on an equitable basis .
83 The document says that three of the four Government proposals for new councils would cost between £500 and £1,400 to introduce over a five-year period .
84 A good game of tennis , badminton , hockey , netball , or football , for instance , all involve a great deal of running over a prolonged period of time .
85 ‘ The largest single category of problems mentioned , however , was depression and anxiety attributable to the stresses of caring over a prolonged period of time . ’
86 For monthly savings , Mr Murrell recommends Friendly Society plans over a 10-year period because the money grows tax free .
87 Under the agreement the seven EFTA member countries would immediately abolish trade barriers on all goods covered except for certain sensitive products , while Czechoslovakia would abolish them over a 10-year period .
88 These children had suffered 25 attacks between them over a 59-day period .
89 And because one would share with neighbours , it was rather spaced out so that people could benefit over a longer period .
90 Stock , for example , is issued for 25 years at the most , for the obvious reason that the market will charge a high premium for lending over a longer period than that .
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