Example sentences of "[adv] a [adj] period " in BNC.

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31 He told Mr Maclean : ‘ It is unacceptable that one quarter of the annual authorisation of particular radio nucleids should be discharged in just a 24-hour period .
32 Using data collected over a 2-year period from plots under a variety of management techniques , ranging from maize cultivation to a range of pasture grasses , they report that soil erosion and nutrient losses were greatest from maize ( Zea mays ) and guinea grass ( Panicum maximum Jacq. ) plots .
33 The second deterrent is a financial one : course participants do not have to pay fees , since the course itself is financed by the DES , but they do have to fund their living costs over a ten-week period — a not inconsiderable financial commitment .
34 Most people applying to drama school will be seeking to enrol on the full-time diploma course , which usually runs over a three-year period .
35 For the District , perennially in financial difficulties , the £500 annual Carnegie grant over a three-year period was accepted on the understanding that the Bedfordshire Scheme would be financially self-sufficient.The scheme was welcomed by the LEA and the Cambridge Extra-Mural Board and a Cambridge teacher and part-time WEA tutor , Harold Shearman , was appointed .
36 3 Can you give us an approximate idea of sales you 'd be expecting over a three-year period ?
37 The disparities in overall changes in assumed unit costs over a three-year period are quite remarkable .
38 Expressions for the amplitudes a n and b n of the harmonic components of any Fourier series are obtained by multiplying both sides of equation ( 11.1 ) by or and integrating over a complete period .
39 The broad branching heads of large , ragged yellow daisies appear over a long period during summer ; a large patch is a magnificent spectacle .
40 A die could survive over a long period of time .
41 Stretching over a long period , a number of important rulers began to seek to secure much greater power over their dominions as the means to extend their power abroad — particularly in what was to become known as France , but also in England , Sweden , Spain and , somewhat later , Brandenburg-Prussia .
42 Following the primary attack , there may be no further episodes , or the disease may recur over a long period , in some cases several years .
43 The next section between Culver Street and Gigant Street and Guilder Lane and Pennyfarthing Street could have seen little change over a long period .
44 The Government has advised that women who are pregnant or may become pregnant should not eat liver , as very large doses of vitamin A taken over a long period may be associated with foetal abnormalities .
45 This is an acquired skill which develops over a long period .
46 This perspective is inadequate for an understanding of the colonial legal system because the post-independence practices evolved over a long period of time .
47 Management should effect redundancies at one point in time rather than spreading them over a long period .
48 Those who said they would prefer the smallest possible instalments , spread over a long period , were most commonly people in lower socio-economic groups , people with current credit commitments , and people with whom the amount they said they would borrow ( if they borrowed money ) was relatively small .
49 If it seems necessary to give it over a long period make sure you fully consider your risk before proceeding .
50 ( Martial arts are a way of life — skills learnt and practised over a long period , used to tune the mind and body to a state of superb readiness .
51 One suggestion has been that the energy output of the Sun itself fluctuates over a long period .
52 One is that the abuse is part of the way two people communicate over a long period of time .
53 Unlike groups in laboratory studies , the work group is not created and then disbanded permanently ; it often survives over a long period of time .
54 There were beds available for those with particular problems , such as those who had been injecting over a long period .
55 Many commonly-prescribed drugs increase the sensitivity of the skin and eyes to ultra-violet light — particularly if you take them over a long period of time .
56 The Profitboss. genuinely cares for his customers and develops sound trusting relationships with them over a long period of time .
57 The older men in particular portray inspection as an art whose techniques , absorbed over a long period , become almost intuitive .
58 petals strongly and sweetly perfumed , retained over a long period when dried , used in perfumery , potpourris , for perfuming writing paper .
59 If it continues over a long period it could even lead to stunted growth .
60 Sometimes this happens over a long period , as a person finds himself constrained to attend a Christian place of worship , or drawn to read the Christian scriptures .
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