Example sentences of "[pron] have [adv] [vb pp] [adv] from " in BNC.

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31 Meanwhile , hundreds more job losses have been announced in an area which has already suffered heavily from the recession .
32 Fewer requests for confirming analysis take place from the conceptual end , but a greater number are initiated through the scheming process which has gradually taken over from the conceptual phase as the main centre of the design work .
33 Don Mini turned to one of the robins which had just come back from a practice flight with a child Minpin on its back .
34 Lewis , standing at the front gate , had managed to catch most of the exchanges ; had watched Mrs Williams as she 'd finally turned away from Morse in tearful distress .
35 Some , they said had been declared unroadworthy by the Department of Transport who 'd then banned then from the roads and others were needed as evidence of alleged offences .
36 What about Timo Metsola 's electronics outfit in Finland — where you 've just flown back from ?
37 You 've just got back from Rhodes , we hear . ’
38 Sometimes , you 've just come home from work and your feet are sore and your head aches , but then the music starts playing and away you go .
39 You know you th either come back and they 're embracing each other and cuddling and there 're a few tears and everything and er everything 's hunkydory and you start traipsing back in with all the bloody stuff you 've just brought out from beforehand you see .
40 He was wearing a navy sweater and a light-coloured shirt and blue jeans , and her heart lurched because time shrank to the moment when she had finally walked away from him , one autumn morning , early , with their love already an awful deadweight in her memory .
41 Relieved that he had apparently not betrayed himself and yet wishing that she had not moved away from him , David told her about the history of the old Jewish quarter of Venice .
42 Agnes had taken a smaller one ; she had just got back from her service 's registry .
43 It was quite soon after the terrible motor accident that had crippled him for life , and she had just come in from the garden with a bunch of flowers for him .
44 She opened the door before Massingham had time to ring , her handsome shield-shaped face composed under the light brown fringe , and looking in her shirt , slacks and leather jerkin as elegantly informal as if she had just come in from a country walk .
45 Kathleen looked over at the square cardboard box she had just brought back from Dorothea .
46 When , as a child , he had been desperate for her love , and had offered his own , she had always turned away from him .
47 Her mother had stated then that it would probably not be necessary to move again , but she had always shied off from friendships — so many of them had been lost before .
48 Although she had consistently turned away from singing opportunities — ‘ The more people nagged , the more I was determined to stay away ’ — she realised that this was something that , say , Lulu would never even consider .
49 It was a programme about the ( then ) proposed orbital cities , and even boasted an interview with a very youthful Ewan Famber , who had just passed out from the Tech-Green High College weighed down with honours and acclamations .
50 Paul and Miranda Gunn had their charming young family to help them look after the guests ; their two sons Mr Munro Gunn who works at John D. Wood , and Mr Marcus Gunn who had just got home from Paris , where is working at the Paris Business School ; also their two daughters Miss Petronella Gunn , who is studying at Bristol University ; and seventeen-year-old Miss Rosie Gunn , who is a member of the Junior British Eventing team , and last year competed at Lausanne , where she won the award for the highest placed British rider .
51 And then she saw to her amazement that the man who had just climbed down from the cab was knocking on her door .
52 ONLY a dealer who had just come back from a weekend in the Kalahari desert would have been surprised to hear of yesterday 's agreed £337.6m bid by MB Group for Caradon , the Twyfords and Everest building products group , so comprehensive has been the pre-match publicity .
53 At last week-end 's ICA conference , the film generated a single comment , from a producer on Channel 4 's Out series , Claire Beavan , who had just come back from America where she was making a programme about Hollywood homophobia .
54 In 1911 he returned to railway service as personal assistant to ( Sir ) H. Nigel Gresley [ q.v. ] , who had just taken over from Ivatt on the Great Northern railway .
55 When he arrived he got talking with someone of about his age , who had also run away from home .
56 There was fierce controversy surrounding the conference 's decision on April 22 to invite , as guests , members of the 1981 Solidarity leadership who had since split away from the union — most notably the former national co-ordinating commission member Andrzej Gwiazda , who had left after accusing Solidarity 's chairman , Lech Walesa , of generating a personality cult .
57 Traders buying nutmegs and doves from Arabian merchants had been aware of their existence for centuries ; Marco Polo knew roughly where they were , for he saw junk traffic in the ports of Cathay loaded down with spices and manned by suntanned crews who had clearly come there from the south .
58 With no casualties to deal with , but with new staff and better equipment our doctors settled down to work with a will for the children from ‘ Peabody buildings ’ at the back of the hospital who had either come back from evacuation , or who would not go anyway .
59 He wondered how many people in all the mental hospitals in the country — or the world " , — come to that — were really fallen Warriors who had either cracked up from the strain of trying to live in this hell-hole , or simply made the wrong choice and thought that the test was just seeing through the whole thing and then having the courage to stand out and make that challenge .
60 Among those I met or saw were the Begum Aga Khan , who was with her very attractive daughter Princess Zahra Aga Khan ; the Director General of the British Equestrian Foundation Major Malcolm Wallace , two of our top Event riders Miss Karen Straker and Mrs Jane Thelwall ; and Mr Andrew Dixon , who had all come over from England with the Hermès party ; Mr Peter Laing , the Hon.
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