Example sentences of "[pron] have [adv] [vb pp] [adv] from " in BNC.

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61 United owed much to goalkeeper Rees , who had earlier saved superbly from Holden and later denied Adams , first with a block with his feet then by kicking over a dipping effort from the right .
62 It was proposed initially to carry out the project in the London Borough of Southwark since part of the borough was served by Guy 's Hospital and also in the London Borough of Barnet ( since it had a consultant psychogeriatrician who had recently moved there from Guy 's Hospital ) .
63 Although they accept that these numbers include practising Christians unable — or unwilling — to pay the tax , they believe that most are people who have long drifted away from the church .
64 ‘ Maybe you have not advanced much from that portrait after all .
65 Forgive others for what they may have done to you in the past ; and forgive yourself as well — you have probably learned much from your mistakes .
66 Imagine that you have just come home from your hard day being an Environmental Health Officer , and your neighbour , who happens to be a builder or bookmaker or something , invites you down to the pub , and over a pint he says , ‘ I heard something on the radio about some story .
67 She 's just moved up from Kent and has come with packing cases full of cups and medals : a winning record which was topped this week with the Champion of Champions trophy and an ambition to become the world 's number one .
68 They 'll probably be in all night and she 's just walked up from the bingo and toddle in there .
69 ‘ There y'ar , Sergeant Joe , ’ beamed Mrs Beavis , ‘ this young lady 's our new lodger , she 's just took the front room , she 's just come over from France .
70 Oh , she thinks she 's just come home from
71 John 's there with his mate Paul , who 's just got back from work .
72 An Oxford aid worker who 's just come back from the Croatian capital Zagreb , says the situation there is getting out of hand .
73 It 's great fun , very enjoyable , but for a young women who 's perhaps come up from a convent or an all girls ' school and who feels very uncomfortable with this person because he 's thirty years older and has power over here , it 's not perceived in the same way .
74 Yeah I think we 'd better come away from that , thank you .
75 We 'd all kept away from it ever since the priest had had it pulled down the month before .
76 And camping We 've just come back from Cornwall and it was very wet .
77 We 've just come back from Chile , where chemical pollution , factory fishing , and poverty are the everyday reality facing fishermen , slowly destroying their ability to make a living and support their families .
78 Tell them we 've just come back from that .
79 Oh Well we 've just come back from America we 've been in America for three years .
80 We 've just got back from Southampton , ’ said my mother , as though this circumstance presented a total barrier to further movement .
81 Well it , it 's been stupid this laid on this settee falling down back , it 's blinking ridiculous , yeah , we 've just got back from hospital and they 'll send her a letter for er , to make an appointment for her to go back , to see what the treatment they 're gon na give her , so , will it go in Pete 's car ?
82 We 've always kept away from humans ! ’
83 We 've deliberately stayed away from the official national trails in England , Scotland and Wales .
84 Carl : ‘ No we 've deliberately shied away from doing remixes with Boys Own and so forth , because you 're really asking for a backlash for starters and also so many dance mixes sound really soft , like PWL productions .
85 Carl : ‘ No we 've deliberately shied away from doing remixes with Boys Own and so forth , because you 're really asking for a backlash for starters and also so many dance mixes sound really soft , like PWL productions .
86 ‘ I 'd finally won custody of my daughter Eva and we had just moved down from Scotland to Leeds with my boyfriend Glynn .
87 When I told him we had recently come up from Southampton he said , " Gee , I would n't go to sea in that little tub for double my wages . "
88 Commentary : The common size statements merely confirm what we have already suggested above from our initial analysis , i.e. the gross profit has declined with a marked decline in 1988 and this has been accompanied by an increase in interest over the last years .
89 Gail , who is also looking forward to the birth of her first baby in November , said : ‘ We have just come back from two wet weeks in Bournemouth and said we could do with spoiling ourselves with a stay in a luxury hotel then I was told I had won — it 's amazing. , ’
90 We have never gone away from the fact that the town plan and the policy statement in there that if the road was provided the land is in the town plan and this Council would have approved it .
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