Example sentences of "that [verb] give " in BNC.

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61 Crossing to the Grand Gendarme , we hardly paused at the rock step that had given us such a problem earlier .
62 The distinctive characteristic of these writers was their belief in progress : the belief , in particular , that the system of international relations that had given rise to the First World War was capable of being transformed into a fundamentally more peaceful and just world order ; that under the impact of the awakening of democracy , the growth of the ‘ international mind ’ , the development of the League of Nations , the good works of men of peace or the enlightenment spread by their own teachings , it was in fact being transformed ; and that their responsibility as students of international relations was to assist this march of progress to overcome the ignorance , the prejudices , the ill-will , and the sinister interests that stood in its way .
63 Pamela had n't been to the tiny next-door island for years but she remembered its wild , deserted beaches , its spectacular rocky promontories , the surprising wheat fields among the rocky landscape that had given the island its name .
64 Lloyd George discovered in 1919 , as Law had done in 1914 , that a Unionist party that had given its total commitment to a cause would not be fobbed off with a compromise .
65 It had been Mme Guérigny 's and Montaine 's intimacy with the creatures of the forest that had given them the idea of hiding their deserter in the cave .
66 Creggan said nothing but stared over the grey rolling sea that had given the eagle whom he loved most in the world her name .
67 Kit Everard was not a vain man , and he knew that even in the encounters that had given Ariel some pleasure ( later , when he 'd learned to check his premature excitement with her ) , she had not cared for him with her heart .
68 In her memory it was too bleak , too desolate , and that had given it an added power .
69 The mountains that had given the scene its depth and colour were now vague grey shapes , like the background of a Japanese print .
70 It had been his mind , not his feet , that had given up at Royston — the mind which foolishly recognized the right of the feet to protest .
71 Here , through the space of a breath or two , she could live for a moment in the rapturous evening when she and Lal had dressed for the Hunt Ball : the evening that had given her Andrew .
72 He had n't said anything that had given her any indication that he actually cared for her .
73 Spain was still deeply divided by the war and the choice of its commemorative dates ( such as " Victory Day " , or 18 July ) for the announcement of important political decisions was a tactic frequently used by Franco , reminding people that it was the outcome of the war that had given him the power to alter the country 's course as he thought fit .
74 The one Masklin had found in the Store , the one that had given him the idea for driving the Truck .
75 It had been her cousin 's whole-hearted approval — and her joy at the thought of her children returning to the old family home — that had given Laura the courage to leave her mother-in-law 's house in Knightsbridge .
76 Finally , he is drawn to the essence of Muir 's genius which he sees as that of ‘ the sensibility of the remote islander ’ , and the words that follow give one final transformation of the savage and city motif , when he describes Muir as ‘ the boy from a simple primitive offshore community who then was plunged into the sordid horror of industrialism in Glasgow , who struggled to understand the modern world of the metropolis in London …
77 Since at Key Stage 3 the core units have to be taught in a chronological order that does give an initial structure to the overall plan of the three-year period .
78 Or perhaps there was a part of her that wanted to give in .
79 His glorification of the subtle and simple cocks a snook at the overblown excesses that have given Paris couture the kiss of death .
80 Victories in three primaries , including the battle of New York , were a turning point that have given the Arkansas governor an unassailable lead in delegates needed for the Democrats ' presidential nomination .
81 They wish to develop alternatives to the traditional approaches that have given privileged positions to discoveries , innovative theories , to the world of ideas .
82 ‘ To date there are only fourteen families in the whole district that have given BP Coal right of access to their land .
83 However I must sink my prejudices and draw attention to those places that have given me special pleasure .
84 This is not to deny the discoveries that have been made , but to state that the purposes that have given meaning to the scientists ' pursuit of truth have been success in and the sustaining of the scientific establishment .
85 It is these positive examples of what is generally taken to be a negative force that have given rise to such concepts as ‘ white ’ ( i.e. good ) witchcraft ; they are part of our European tradition and lend a certain credence to Margaret Murray 's exaggerated presentation of a satanic underground cult of evil co-existing with orthodox Christianity . ’
86 The unit reports to IBM president Jack Kuehler with the mission to retain as customers those users worldwide that have given up on mainframes altogether and are moving to open systems .
87 The range of policies needed to counter the root causes that have given rise to the underclass and keep it firmly in place at the bottom of the social hierarchy are examined in Part IV .
88 In retrospect , the techniques that have given molecular biology its pace have hung on the principle that life , which has evolved the manipulative techniques by which it is itself sustained , must also embody the techniques for which laboratories cry out .
89 However , even with their aid it is thought by some to be unlikely that the outer Moon could have been melted quickly enough to yield those highland rock samples that have given radiometric ages of about 4300 Ma and older .
90 Colleagues , while we 're standing , can I remind you of a number of colleagues of ours who have died in the past year George , national office Dick from Scotland of South Western region Lord from Southern region Julie from Southern region William from national office from Northern region from Birmingham Harry , London regional secretary Grace from London region from Yorkshire region and many many others not mentioned here that have given their energy and their commitment on behalf of the G M B members , we remember them all
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