Example sentences of "that [verb] give " in BNC.

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31 Never , ever breed from a mare that has given you any cause to fear her in the stable .
32 I was numb , but it was a numbness that promised to give way to an agonizing pain quite soon .
33 The buying of a teapot was part of the Burton ritual that helped to give variety to the East Anglian 's stay in the Midlands .
34 And it was works like these , where the kitchen table was strewn with the un-washed remains of breakfast , that helped to give the movement its name .
35 He was by no means unusual for his place and time : there were not a few London families in the mid-19th century who were busy accumulating all the paraphernalia that seemed to give them a gilt-edged claim to middle-class respectability — the portraits , the studio photographs , a family bible , ornate gravestones , even the odd crest and Latin motto .
36 It was an awful goal that United gave away were n't it ?
37 But there are some instances documented in the literature where people are quite clear that support given to in-laws is really being given to the blood relative .
38 The degree of protection that CITES gives to a species depends on its conservation status .
39 Held , allowing the appeal , that , although a judge had the power to call a witness where justice and fairness required that witness to give evidence , a judge could neither refuse to permit the prosecution to discontinue its case nor direct whether the trial should continue until the close of the prosecution 's case ; and that , accordingly , the judge had erred in directing the prosecution to continue and in calling the police officer to give evidence for the prosecution ( post , p. 536B , C–G ) .
40 The reason being that having given up ten percent of their blood roughly , er in the blood donation if they then continue to erm smoke afterwards , they they 'll knock another ten percent of what 's left out .
41 ‘ I think he 's angry that having given me the freedom to think for myself , I 've not followed him all down the line . ’
42 We are now being told by this arrogant and incompetent lot that having given us record unemployment , bankruptcies , house repossession , liquidations , factory closures etc , that they are the only ones fit to govern when surely that record should make them hang their heads in shame .
43 Strange , that a system that purports to give the voter more power to elect should have as its very basis this bizarre limitation .
44 My purpose here will be to give a very brief sketch of what each of the theories attempts and to direct the interested reader to a few of the many other books that do give detailed accounts and critiques of them .
45 It 's extraordinary how many businesses man their front lines with speaking voices that fail to give the customer or client any sense of status ( see Chapter Nine ) .
46 ‘ The place that did give him a job was the Irish Catholic paper The Standard , which had a very funny editor who just liked to drink most of the day and was amused by Patrick and hired him as film critic .
47 That means give me the packet .
48 Rehabilitation is fostered by developing workshops at hospitals that aim to give patients confidence in their working ability and experience in social relationships and responsibility .
49 The answer must be that trying to give values to the environment is an irrelevance .
50 Nevertheless , when the controversial Shas leader and interior minister , Arye Deri , brought his conflict with Ms Aloni to a head by submitting his resignation on May 9th , it was Meretz that had to give way .
51 To remove the distinction completely would seem to undermine the insights that had given force to Bakhtin 's earlier criticism .
52 There was much wrath that he had been meaninglessly sacrificed and a Test career that had given so much pleasure needlessly brought to a premature end .
53 He betrayed no feelings to anyone in the country that had given him asylum .
54 Several of the planks , including those that had given way under Harry 's weight , had without that beam 's support simply been hanging out in space , resting like a seesaw over the previous beam but otherwise supported only by the tight fit of each plank against the next .
55 A third notion is that organic life — carbon-based life — was preceded by ‘ living ’ clays , based on silicon , as described by Professor Cairn-Smith that some of these clays gathered organic molecules around them , which increased their chemical versatility , and that the organic components eventually abandoned the silicon-based templates that had given rise to them .
56 And then she remembered why she was there , because the Mahon virus had been joined with humanity , had been introduced into the genes as the same batch of fluid that had given life to Piphros .
57 Life was hectic and difficult , it was Sydney that had given the information about the mortuary and the duty rota .
58 It was his battalion 's heroic defence of their positions on the Basra to Baghdad road , when the rats from Iran had swarmed in their thousands from the marshlands , that had given him his present renown .
59 What had been intended as a warning shot across the government 's bows has sunk a government that had given Poland a year of political continuity , maintained budgetary austerity against populist opposition and taken the first steps on two essential reforms that now go into limbo .
60 This increased the ease with which the police could prosecute prostitutes , as they no longer required the assistance of an ‘ offended ’ member of the public , despite the fact that it was the supposed ‘ public nuisance ’ of street prostitution that had given rise to the need for legislation .
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