Example sentences of "i [verb] [adv] " in BNC.

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61 BTW Ive always felt this — even before I became so anti-scum ( in truth only a few years ago ) .
62 I became very much more conscious of people , because when you 're a scientist you 're dealing with inanimate matter , unless you 're a biologist .
63 I became very weak , I could not sleep or feel any hunger or desire to speak to anyone .
64 Now that I was in touch with Leslie again , I became very happy at Bletchley , in spite of anxiety over his safety .
65 Then I became very angry , because we were n't given a choice about the use of these chemicals .
66 I became very emotionally involved in the last round because everything Lee touched went in the damned hole .
67 As the train drew out I became very lonely .
68 I am pleased to say that later in life , Ralph and I became very close friends .
69 Over two years ago I became very close in friendship with another lesbian .
70 At this time Moggach met the man on whom the character of Mac in the book is based , and as she recalls it : ‘ I became very rebellious and sort of opted out . ’
71 I was even more frightened the next morning , when I passed some large blood clots instead of urine , I became very agitated because I thought I must be dying ’ .
72 I became very angry that they were staring and stared back at them .
73 As a result , the very steep crux pitch had a bolt a metre and I became very pumped — more from clipping the bolts than from the climbing !
74 Suddenly , I became very wary , especially at bath times , when I 'd refuse to dry them like I used to .
75 I became very tired and soon felt I could not swim any more .
76 I became very conscious that I must cover my chest .
77 Two years ago I became very ill and could n't get out of bed or even a chair without help .
78 Phil Andrews and I became very friendly with the owner , a very talented engineer who then had an engineering works in Cardiff .
79 Nobody will blame me if I say that in the circumstances I became very uneasy .
80 I have , in my capacity as Senior Anatomical Pathology Technician , been called upon to collect and look at bones discovered in various places , i.e. sealed behind walls , found in shallow graves , fields , etc. and so it was that a few years ago I became very interested in some questions of osteology .
81 I became very suspicious when he got several of us to sign contracts never to talk about Lifeboys .
82 And in that time I became very close to the bunch of desperadoes I 'd first flown out with .
83 ‘ When they returned , I became very friendly .
84 But I can tell you this : she and I became very close over the years .
85 There was no choice locally so I became very interested in that . ’
86 I became very interested in the trade union movement and my first appointment was as a collector in collecting the union dues and taking them up to the union office .
87 I became very proud of my wounds as the pain grew less , and I enjoyed flashing the bandage around to gain sympathy , until one night , after a couple of months , the nail fell off without warning .
88 But the problem I became very angry years ago with that because , I mean Irish Close and we had the three of you we found that she 'd , she just kept on telling us off .
89 My resolve not to go back into education hardened , if anything , rather than softened , as I became more and more determined that the sacrifice I had made was not going to be in vain .
90 In the end , she explains , ‘ I became more confident and happy with the way I looked .
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